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  1. Hello Mate!

    Here's info on expertgolfgame.com about

    clearing your mind to improve your mental game..It mentions when you play in a relaxed frame of mind, positive results will be the outcome of the game.

    Has different exercises for you to learn how not to over think the situation and to have a natural approach to your swing.

    Check it out.

  2. Haha! Loved the last part when the lady got knocked out cold and when your boss asked you why she was out you just said stupidity on both sides. That was great.. Wish I was there! :-)
  3. vince410

    Mind Game

    Hello mates... Here's some info on expertgolfgame.com about clearing your mind and strengthen your brain power to improve your game.. It mentioned that you can play better and be more focused by just relaxing and putting your self in a positive relaxed mind frame to project positive energy for positive results in your game. I just ordered. I'll keep you posted on how it is. Cheers!
  4. Am still new at golf but when I was goofing around with my bud's before I started, we would have a few cold ones at the driven range. Since no one but my friend was serious about the sport back then we only had a few clubs available so we shared. When it was my turn to tee off I wasn't wearing any gloves and I gave it a swing. I nailed the ball but after hitting the ball, the club flew out of my hands and made a loud thump that got everyones attention when it hit the gutter from the roof that was covering us. Everyone that noticed the loud unusual noise, started to stare and giggle about what just happen. I quickly ran to grab the club that was about 20 to 30 meters away, got to the club and looked at everyone and yelled out, My bad... Game on! then quickly ran back to my friends that were just crying from laughter. What a great intro to golf... Haha!
  5. Hi everyone, I had a good day at the driving range and i did a 18 hole course over the weekend.. My new problem is weather to invest in lessons or purchase a kick ass set of clubs. What do you all think the best investment would be for a beginner?
  6. HaHa! I think your friends and I need to get together cause it seem's we're on the same boat regarding our golf game.. I keep it to a point to improve but not beat my ass to it that I forget to have fun with the game and time with the buddies and out of the office.
  7. I agree, that isn't a big deal but i guess its a wake up call to realize where you are and understand how to act in different countries, places or cultures. All in all, it boils down to respect others. Its good he apologized though and stood up to his responsibility.
  8. I'm a beginner my self and thats a good tip while on the course to pick up the golf ball after 5 shots at it. The driving range is a good suggestion too so when you finally pick up your swing and identifying what clubs do what you actually get to do a bit better than pick up the ball.. lol
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