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  1. Doug Koch, Minnesota. Odyssey rx v line fang. 33" superstroke 1 pistol. Would live to compare in the same specs to a o-works v-line fang black. Thanks! Sent from my SM-G900V using MyGolfSpy mobile app
  2. No more arm chair officials. Don't answer their calls or read their emails, tweets, etc until after the tournament. No more changing a scorecard after it is signed. The monday quarterbacking and stupid rules are a real black eye for golf. If you're gonna go like this, almost no ball is EVER PLACED back in the exact same spot. Guessing every tour pro has done this inadvertently at some point or another... as long as they are not placing it for an advantage please just let them play.... Sent from my SM-G900V using MyGolfSpy mobile app
  3. I'm in agreement with the OP. It was basically 2nd Swing moved to the convention center. Sent from my SM-G900V using MyGolfSpy mobile app
  4. Would love to test the mid mallet. Play about 50 rounds. Current handicap is 17.4, current putter is a scotty cameron golo 5. Good luck self Sent from my SM-G900V using MyGolfSpy mobile app
  5. My first form reply; exciting! I get what you're saying and do agree to MOI specs. I should have posed it differently... what I was trying to get across is that neither head matters much if the shaft has you striping into the weeds. It seems like during a fitting I can get similar results with different heads as long as the shaft is the same. Having the wrong shaft even on the most forgiving head still makes for somewhat of a useless combo. This is fun! [emoji1] Sent from my SM-G900V using MyGolfSpy mobile app
  6. Like a few others I like the short game performance of urethane balls but not the price. I can typically pick up 4A or 5A balls on ebay for under $2 per ball. Like PV1X, bought a last dozen of the 2015 model that look perfect for $20, cheaper than I can buy cheap balls at the store and didn't have to leave my couch...
  7. The 2016 driver data is interesting but still highly dependent on the individual swinging the club. A guy in my group plays a King Cobra Ltd and he kills it. I fit my titleist 915 d2 very well, when we swap it's worse for both of us even though we're typically within 10 yards with our own. I'm not a fast swinger, 103 with driver but had to a 9.5 to get my flight down. I guess the D2 spins a little more than others so it might make sense. Them again, the shaft might make just as much if not more difference than the head. I'm gaming rogue silver 60 stiff at 44.25 and lover it. If distance isn't a consideration, most heads will work well enough, finding the right shaft will be most important IMO...
  8. Doug Koch, Minnesota Walk when it's cool, push cart when it's hot, cart when the rest of the group is. Ogio Grom. Like the bag but the kickstand isn't great and its a little heavy. Interested in a bag I could stand to carry when it's hot out.. Thanks mgs.
  9. Tried some of their RZN One golf balls and they were significantly shorter (for me repeatably) off the Driver than a NXT Tour or Chrome Soft. That's as far as I've ever been into their product lineup. Their new wedges look interesting but not sure it's worth the risk when there are established legacy brands already making great equipment. Risk is maybe the right word... Buying Nike feels like a risk, because they take risks with their product lineup that others won't. CB drivers, toe sweep wedges, neon colors, RZN EVERYWHERE. The risk is that it was today's fad, gone tomorrow and you're left holding the bag on yesterday's flash in the pan. For some reason I'd feel like a Tiger poser too; not scared to say I bought new equipment but don't want people to think that I would buy Nike just because of Tiger and Rory. It's the exact reason I won't buy their clothing...
  10. Hi Guys, New to MGS. Been reading for a while and wanted to reach out to a member and decided it was time to join. Thanks to all of you for posting good content and to MGS for having relevant, non-biased articles to read. About me... Like many, somewhat of a club hoe. I really do like new clubs and new tech and love to try new stuff. Started golfing about 5 years ago and am pretty much hooked. Used to race snowmobiles and motocross competitively but real-life priorities like work and family have set those aside; enter golf. Try to play during the summer about once a week, this is my first year joining a league with some guys from work, looking forward to it as we start next week. WITB... Wedges: Ping Glide Irons: 2 sets.. G25 Regular.. My SS has increased to the point where I wanted to go to stiff shafts; recently fitted into Ping I Nippon Modus 105 Stiff. Taking a little getting used to but liking them so far. Bad shots are still bad, good shots are far more consistent than the G25s. Hybrids: 3/4 Adams Super S Fairway: 16.5 G25 Driver: Titleist 915D2 12 degree (and wishing it was 10.5) Doug
  11. Doug/MN/US 2 sets; Ping G25/Regular, attempting a transition to Ping I/Stiff Handicap 14
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