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  1. Ive never been able to hit a 4H I've probably tried 5 different ones over 3 years. I'm looking around online and see my lofts on my old X-14 are the same lofts as my 4 iron that would go to my set now. I don't have a matching 4 iron. But I tell you what I've always hit that 3 iron like a boss so I got it out the basement and cleaned her up and smacked 10 bombs down the field behind my house! Going to put her in the bag! Anyone here done the same?
  2. I have a 3H. I just didnr see the need for a 4h anymore. You can't shape the ball much.
  3. I'm gaming taylormade burner 2.0 5-P. I just sold my 4H could never hit it! Was thinking of buying a M2 5 iron to go as my 4 iron. The 2.0 4 iron loft is 21 the m2 5iron is 21.5. Also looking at RSI 4 iron 20degree. SLDR 4 iron 21degree and G30 21degree? What do you guys think?
  4. I'm hitting it with a lil draw. But I can't fade it anymore. It's crazy. I know it's a good thing but it just happened so fast.
  5. This year I'm hitting the ball 20-30 yards longer. But having a hard time scoring. I'm not used to being able to hit par 5 in two. I lost 30 pounds and can now turn on the ball. But l can't judge my length anymore. I was same length for 7 years. I love how I'm hitting the ball. But I still having hard time. For a 150 par 3 I would have hit a 6 iron. Now I can hit a 8... It sucks I hit it longer but play worse... Has anyone had this happen b4? Any tips?
  6. Played a lot of golf when I was younger. Just got back into it. Hit my 7iron 140-150. Hit my driver 240. But I can't hit new drivers I'm gaming my 905r 9.5 degree pro lunch stuff flex. Straight classic. I love the sound and I can shape it left or right. Gamed 910 but hit way to high. Then got cobra bio cell with reg flex but hit to low r two high even when changed loft from 9.5 to 12. I just want to know if there a driver that's new or 4 years old like the 905r please help! Thanks
  7. Anyone ever changed shaft in a 905r themselves? Thanks
  8. I can't find and reviews. Other then Ian Woosanm plays them.
  9. Been looking into it! Seems really hard buying. To hard to find a good deal.
  10. Man that's a great idea! Why haven't I played it out that way yet!
  11. Trying to restore old irons flip for lil cash more for just passing time!
  12. I've hit most brands. Only my irons are old! I can't find any that hit as good or I just can't give them up .
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