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  1. Thanks guys. @hckymeye that mizuno suit is awesome! But jb makes a good point.. most of my rain play will be in the summers, and I would need something that won't bake me. I guess it would be nice to have something for spring - something that would keep me dry and warm - but also something to slip on in the summer for during a quick shower that won't cause me to overheat!
  2. Hey all.. I'm in the market for a good, reliable rain suit. The prices so far are unbelievably high.. I'm wondering what experience you guys have had with some of these. I'd hate to pay over $200 for something and hate it! Im not bias toward any brand.. FJ and Under Armor seem to look the best so far but I'm well aware there are probably better, and cheaper options out there! Help!
  3. Tom Kentucky 100 mph ​Burner Superfast 2.0 Matrix Velox T49 Stiff 9.5* Good luck all!
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