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    101-110 mph
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    Driver/Off the Tee
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  1. I'm on course to play about 100 rounds this year. Putting stats are tracked every round and average between 26 - 33 putts per round. Distance control is the issue I struggle with often coming up short. Currently playing handicap is 11. I have a Scotty Cameron Duel Balance Futura in play at the moment.
  2. Bruce Lowe Scotland Handicap 11 PXG 0311 PW Cleveland RX2.0 50, 54, 58 all mid bounce (2dot)
  3. Can't get these over here in the UK so would be good to test these over the Scottish Links If possible I would like a 140cc Contoured please. Bruce - Scotland
  4. Name/Location : Bruce Lowe / Scottish Borders, Scotland Handicap - 11.6 Current ball - Pro V1 / TM Tour Preferred Rounds per month - 10 Would be great to see balls in action over the summer in Scotland. Weather conditions range from windy and rain to baking hot which means greens and fairways change week on week which should give these balls a thorough work out.
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