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  1. Todd, St Louis, MO. iphone 11. Prob majority in a non-heated garage into a net. Some outdoors depending on weather cooperating. I think I can find heated bays here.
  2. First Name/City State: Todd from Saint Louis Handicap: 8 Current Model Wedges Played: Srixon A785 51 Cleveland RTX 3 56 Raw low Cleveland RTX 3 60 Raw low What Appeals to You About a Raw Wedge: I like the look - it’s not black but it is dark and has a texture to it that is somehow comforting.
  3. Todd - Saint Louis, Missouri 10 handicap Srixon z355 driver 10.5 Srixon z355 3 wood 15 Srixon 3 hybrid - I love the H45 hybrids - haven't hit the H65 Srixon z565 4-AW Cleveland RTX 3 56 degree 2 dot Cleveland RTX 3 60 degree 2 dot Cleveland Elevado or Huntington Beach 6
  4. Thanks everybody. I probably should have said that I'm from Saint Louis. I generally play at the Courses at Forest Park because it's the closest to me. I also am aiming to play more at Spencer T Olin in Alton, IL which was very fun when I played it last summer.
  5. I think several things as a 31 year old stay at home dad: Time to play is an issue. Because 4 hours to play 18 isn't four hours. It's 20 minutes to the course, 20 minutes warm up/wait to tee off, 4.5 hours to play 18, 30 minutes to have a beer after, then 20 minutes home. That's 6 hours which is a pretty big time commitment. And modern parenting has built in guilt if you don't spend all of your free time with your kid. Even though I stay at home with him it's still there. So if you have kids hoping for 6 hours on a Saturday to go to the course and play golf and drink a beer is a lot to
  6. Well I don't know what I can tell you that you probably don't already know. But I played these the other day side by side (on approach shots) with an NXT Tour S and occasionally a QStar for about 6 holes. So not a ton of info but I'll give you what I got. Distance is basically the same off the tee and approach shots were the same as well. Trajectory seemed a bit lower with the Trusoft especially off the tee (I hit a few back to back off the tee). The NXT launches more aggressively if that makes sense. The DT just kind of goes out there whereas the NXT yells about it. The QStar actua
  7. I joined the golfwrx forums a while back (different name) and I thought I should join over here too. Also - you know - free stuff and all that. Golf is what I've become fairly passionate about over the last 2 years. I've been playing since I was 14 but these last few years it's become the thing that I like to do most. It gets me out of the house and I enjoy the time I get to spend on the course. I rarely get to play 18 holes at once though with my life schedule - I'm hoping that changes in a few months when my wife finishes her Residency - playing a quick nine after 5 pm on weekdays is
  8. Todd - Missouri 10-12 handicap Titleist NXT Tour S and Srixon Q-Star 4 rounds a month
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