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  1. Jeff Illinois 5.2 Ping S57 I'm a PING loyalist, Eye 2 was my first real set in 1992. Went from there to Zings, then I3 blades, to my current S57 set. I would love the opportunity, and congrats to the four ultimately chosen.
  2. Jeff T Illinois 6.8 Currently use the Garmin S1, which just provides front/middle/back. Would be interested to test something with a few more bells and whistles. Thanks.
  3. Jeff Thomason - Illinois 6.9 hcp Taylor Made R15 - Fukijura Speeder 67 108 mph Haven't used a Callaway wood since high school, but grew up on the original Big Bertha then the Warbird. Would be interested to sample them again, and would appreciate the opportunity.
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