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  1. Corey West Lafayette, IN TM M3 440 Tour set at 9.5 with stiff Tensei Orange CK series 10 100 TSi3, I feel that I struggle with some excess spin with the driver. Looking to lower it significantly.
  2. Corey/ West Lafayette, IN Never used a range finder. It is on my list of things I would like to try. I use GPS apps on my phone but don't always trust them so then have to go by markers on the course. Also would like a shot at writing up my review. Test my writing talents Up until now I've been kind of a lurker around the forums but would like to break out of that. Thank You Headcase59
  3. Hi All, I've been lurking around MyGolfSpy for a long time. Not sure why I haven't contributed a bit more. Its time I do so. I'm a golf equipment junkie! I don't have a lot of equipment as I usually have to trade or sell what I have to be able to get what I want. College coach called me "headcase" because I always had something new in the bag. I'm sure it felt like everyday at practice I had something new. Been club building for about 20 years now. Just for myself, friends and family. Currently bagging: 2017 Taylormade M1 460 10.5 with a Fubuki J70 x5ct Wishon 5
  4. 1. Corey Meyer/ Mason City Iowa 2. 8 3. Taylor Made RAC TP 900 Tours I've actually been fit for these by a local Mizuno rep. so I even have my specs available for them. Have not been able to pull the trigger on them. Would love a chance to actually game them and give feed back to others on the fence.
  5. Corey Meyer Mason City, Iowa 7 handicap Would love to try the Compressor set to see if I can improve the consistancy of my ball striking.
  6. Corey Meyer Mason City, Iowa 7 Handicap comfortable hitting my 6 iron. back in college I had a 2 iron that I could crush around the time the Tayor Made came out with he Rescue club. Thinking the rescue/hybrids could help me I switched and have become pretty inconsistent with hybrids and long irons. Ugh. The Hogans look very intriguing.
  7. Corey Mason City, Iowa 7 Handicap Cleveland Classic 290 w/ Talamonti HL-70 sx SS-103 This would be a dream come true for me to be able to try something like this. Thank You for the opportunity.
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