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  2. Tiger Woods was immortal until some little Korean named Y.E. Yang came along. Dustin Johnson had a 3 shot lead and made a mistake or two and his caddy was nowhere to be found to calm his ass down. Mickelson isn't a saint either. His wild cowboy shenanigans cost him more then they help him. My point is: Everyone makes mistakes and has bad weeks. Fact of the matter is, Tiger Woods may possibly lose his #1 ranking at some point this year or next, depending on what plays out. But it is his own fault. He plays limited events, he plays unlimited women.
  3. Rocking the Ping i5 pitching wedge @ 46*... Ping i5 gap wedge @ 50*... Ping Tour-W 54*... Ping Tour-W 58*.... 4* gap = no wedge problems.
  4. as you can tell, i am a ping guy myself... whichever set of sticks you decide to go with, PLEASE GET PROPERLY FIT. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE.
  5. one of my co-workers who plays to a +1 handicap plays grips that cost $1.25 a piece. to each his own.
  6. lol. Not well at the moment, anyway.
  7. I am not normally a TaylorMade guy... But seeing as I work at Golf Galaxy and enjoy my sweet TMagConnection hookup.... TP Superdeep at what I can get it for is pennies. I might give it a go.
  8. I work at Golf Galaxy, and finding conforming wedges for the new USGA ruling is kind of hard. We stock the Vokey CC wedges (in limited quantity) We stock the Cleveland CG15 Tour Zip Groove (in limited quantity) You can get the XFT TaylorMade wedge with the ZTP face insert, but I don't believe we have those in stock at the moment. Right now, the options for wedges is limited, which is a bummer. Final thought: I don't care if you're 16, 26, 36 or 66... If you're playing at that level of competition you should know your equipment.
  9. seems way too confusing. no thanks. poor putters should work on their stroke, not buy all this goofy stuff.
  10. I have the Ping Latitude V2... It's nice cause it's a big carry bag that's not too much of a load to lug around... Downside is that although it does have the full length pocket dividers my grips sometimes don't want to cooperate when i'm pulling clubs out or putting them in.... Also the putter well doesn't like to treat me well, and i sometimes have to yank something fierce on the putter to get it out
  11. such a sweet lookin stick. we had a canadian tour player swing through our golf galaxy a couple weeks back... he had one of these in the bag plus his initials stamped on the face. i wanted to steal it from him.
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