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  1. Kirk Ramsay Ayrshire, Scotland 12 Tried a number of iPhone apps, latest being Hole19 but they are all a bit clunky in use. Would be nice to use an 'automated' system, particularly one developed here in Scotland.
  2. Kirk Ramsay, Ayrshire, Scotland Handicap:16 I am a returner to golf trying to get back to my previous single figure status. Ball striking improving with use of Tour Striker 7 iron and 56 wedge together with Zepp golf sensor, but still not consistent enough. I have not seen a practical comparison of DST vs Tour Striker but from what I have seen DST could be a substantial improvement. As well as speeding up improvement of my ball striking it could be very useful to have an experiential comparison from a committed amateur improver who has made substantial use of both tools. My achieving single figure handicap again would be excellent proof of real benefits to be gained.
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