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  1. First name: Bryan Home State/Province/Country: Nova Scotia, Canada Do you use performance tracking? Game Golf - only the iPhone app, not the full system Do you use a GPS watch? No - I use the GPS on the Game Golf app for distances. Which ones? N/A I've been using the iPhone Game Golf app and manually tagging clubs. My golf buddy just got the full system with the club tags this year as last year he had tried the app and manual tagging but didn't like it. We are comparing notes as to how they differ. I find the tagging to be somewhat intrusive to the game (and feel I might be annoying my playing partners at times with the constant interaction with my phone), and I'd prefer to be able to get my phone out of my pocket and into my bag. I've been thinking about the ARCCOS system or getting an Apple Watch. I was not familiar with Shot Scope, but it appears that it might be a really good solution.
  2. 1. Bryan, Nova Scotia 2. Driver: Cobra Fly-Z Woods: Callaway 3, 5 Hybrids: Ping Karsten (3,4) Irons: Taylormade Speedblades 5-9,PW,AW,SW Wedge: Nike 58 Odyssey White Hot Putter 3. 23 handicap (unofficial - per GameGolf, Sandbagger website) 4 Get handicap below 20. Become more consistent. Break 90.
  3. Bryan Marks, Nova Scotia, Canada 21 iPhone app - Game Golf (not the tags/belt unit, just the iPhone app)
  4. Bryan Nova Scotia 21 (unofficial, from rounds entered into online handicap calculators) Driver: Z 565 10.5 Fariway: Z F65 - 15 Hybrid: Z H65 - 19, 22 Irons: Z565 - 5-PW Wedges: RTX-3 48, 54, 60 Putter: TFI 2135 Elevado Thanks for the opportunity to enter - the product line looks great and it would be great to get fitted!
  5. 47 Under Armour Nova Scotia (in case you are open to Canada)
  6. Bryan Nova Scotia, Canada Last year, walked about 25 rounds. On track for over 30 rounds walking this year. I primarily walk and use a push cart (Axglo). There are lots of things I love about it and some not so much. Would love to try out the Big Max and see how it compares and if it satisfies what's lacking on my current cart. (Also, it would allow me to give a cart to my buddy who usually wants to get a power cart - this may be just what I need to convert him to a walker!)
  7. Bryan Nova Scotia 29 (unofficial -Finally getting to play more regular this year so hope to get a decent handicap set and improve on it) The idea of GI clubs that give you feedback is enticing. I've always thought that it is great that GI clubs will help you pay better and helps reduce frustration and improve motivation. But if they always mask your mistakes, how do you know that something is wrong and needs to change? It would seem like they could limit your improvement. Therefore, a club that helps you score better but still gives feedback on bad shots seems like a better approach.
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