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    Golf, Golf, Golf lol. My wife and my newborn daughter. Travel. All sports but mainly golf and football.

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  1. Can't load a picture for my profile. Always says file is to large

    1. jlukes


      Use this site to resize it and then you'll be fine: http://www.picresize.com/

  2. Mike S Fenton, Michigan 48430 I always ride Callaway black and silver stand bag (JUNK)
  3. Mike S Fenton, Michigan Handicap, 9.3 Lofts, 19 & 22 Also I've tried to insert a picture for my profile but it always says the picture/file is to larger no matter which picture I try to use.
  4. Mike Stebbins Fenton Michigan Handicap 9.5 I would love to test and review these Ben Hogan PTx irons. I currently subscribe to Rick Shiels YouTube channel and he is been gaming these and the Ft Worth's. He says he absolutely loves them. Thanks Mygolfspy for the opportunity.
  5. Mike Stebbins Fenton, Michigan 9.5 Handicap I would love to test this irons as I'm a big fan of Rick Shiels on YouTube and he has reviewed and is currently using Ben Hogan irons.
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