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  1. Walk DMC North Carolina Handicap just showing up at any course If you would like to prove your the best golf school in the world you need go pick me. I've been playing for 2.5 years when I started I was shooting in the 100s now my best score ever is 83. I need help in every aspect of the game from driving to putting.the worst part of my game by far is chipping, but if you can put me on the right track you truly are the GREATEST GOLF SCHOOL IN THE WORLD!!!!!
  2. Mike chambers North Carolina 15 handycap I currently use the Bushnell NEO PLUS golf watch and I really like it, took a while to get used to wearing a watch while playing but once I did its been great.I would love the opportunity to see how it measures up to a hand held, so I'll help you out by letting you send me one and that way you will have one person less to find. P.S. As you can tell by my handycap I can use all the help I can get!!! THANKS
  3. I would love to try this new putter and see if it can help my game,God knows I need it!!! North Carolina 19 handicap Old Odyssey putter
  4. Mike C. North Carolina Handy cap: 13 this week, soon to be better after I receive my new GPS I just started using a Bushnell NEO XS So far I like the Bushnell but I would love to another one to see if the yardage I'm reading is correct because either the Bushnell is off or my golf game is one. So it must be the Bushnell because I know my game can't be that BAD.
  5. Mike C. N.C. Current bag;Sun Mountain Phantom I currently use a Sun Mountain cart bag and love it, but this year I have started walking at least 3 times a week and my phantom bag is to big to walk with that much.I would love to have a smaller and lighter bag to push around my home course (very hilly). I am a Sun Mountain fan already and would love to another lighter bag to put on my Sun Mountain push cart that I am about to order (tired of using my friends Old 3 wheeler). So sign me up for the lightest bag you have. If you want to go ahead and send me one I want tell anybody!!! Well not
  6. Mike north Carolina I play on a average three days a week. I walk on Friday ride on Sat. (No walkers allowed on sat) and walk on Sunday. So I walk a minimum 75+ times a year, so I'm always looking for a easy way to get my bag around the course. I'm 53 years old and the knees are starting to tell it
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