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  1. Mike Gentry California I have been using a free app on my IPhone by swing by swing for a measuring device. It is a GPS system with "looper", which gives some indication as to wind and elevation. However, what I have learned is that I need a laser rangefinder. I started researching and I have settled on either a Bushnell Tour X or a Bushnell V4 with slope. I have been pricing both, and am now want to go to a golf shop to physically look at both. What an opportunity this would be for me to test The V4. Not only would it answer my question as to which to buy, but also would assure me as to my needs. I am currently a 12.4 handicap.
  2. I currently play about 100 rounds a year. My current handicap index is 12.4 My putter is the Odyssey Works Big T #5 I started playing golf about 50 years ago. However, after a 10 year hiatus, I started back playing 18 months ago, when I established a handicap index of 25.6. I am more serious about golf now than ever before, and my goal is to get my index under 10 within the next six months. New equipment has helped along with hard work. I am especially anxious to find a putter that works better for me. I look forward to trying the new EVNRoll.
  3. Mike - Simi Valley, CA Rider Datrek 180 golf bag It certainly pales in comparison to the new Sun Mountain C130.
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