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  1. Harvey, Las Vegas, NV driver swing speed 85mph current ball ProV1x Maxfli Tour X
  2. Harvey...Las Vegas, NV 11.8 Cleveland RTX-4 52° Volkey SM 6 56° and 60° flop shot to a tight pin over a bunker
  3. Harvey Las Vegas, NV Scotty Select Squareback Strength (strongest part of my game)
  4. Harvey, Las Vegas, NV handicap 11.8, swing speed 84 current driver Ping G400 Max Epic Flash
  5. Harvey, Las Vegas Nevada handicap 11.7, swing speed 85 mph Current driver Ping G400 Max G410 plus
  6. Harvey, Las Vegas, NV 11.8 index Cleveland RTX 2.0 Blade Satin 52°; Volkey SM6 Tour Chrome 56° and 60°, both M grind Looking for same lofts..52, 56, 60
  7. Harvey, Nevada Old Nike rain gear (like playing in a sauna suit) Bethpage Black, 40° temp, steady downpour (ugh)
  8. This would be a fantastic opportunity to upgrade my set and hopefully my game. Harvey Las Vegas, NV 11.8 Ping I25 with Ping CFS steel shafts I500 Thank you.
  9. Harvey Las Vegas, NV Ping I25 irons with Ping soft/reg steel shafts 7 iron 145 yds.
  10. 1) Harvey, Nevada 2) 12 handicap, 82 mph driver swing speed 3) Callaway XR16 with Miyazaki C Kua senior flex 4) G400 SFT w. soft reg shaft
  11. I've been there 4 times over the years...fantastic golf and a great resort
  12. Harvey, 71 Las Vegas the most consistent part of my game is my total inconsistency! as a 12 handicap, my goal is to shoot my age
  13. Harvey, Nevada Callaway XR16 10.5°, Miyazaki C. Kua 39g, Reg. 85 mph, 210 yds FB, Harvey Lang Android
  14. Harvey Nevada Scotty GoLo5 (not fitted) Queen B 9 This has to work because I've owned over 20 putters and none of them work!
  15. Harvey Las Vegas, NV 10.9 Callaway XR16, Fujikura Speeder565 85 mph, 205 yds Daniel Berger
  16. Driver swing speed...82 mph (70 years old) handicap.....11.4 index if it helps, I'd love to try them...
  17. Harvey Las Vegas, NV 11.8 I'm using Arccos now, would like to compare the 2 systems
  18. 100 rounds per year handicap 11.1 Taylormade Daddy Long legs+
  19. Harvey Las Vegas 12 I used to game a Cleveland persimmon driver (w/ a steel shaft!) and an RC 485 forged wedge...guess it's time for an update
  20. Harvey Las Vegas, NV 12 Cleveland RTX-2, 52° Volkey SM6, M grind, 56°, 60°
  21. Harvey from Las Vegas, NV Ride...too hot to walk current bag is a Wellzher Mini-Staff bag (lots of pockets)
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