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  2. Thanks for the opportunity! Chris Jarmon Opelika, AL My short game with my current Glide 1.0 set is pretty strong. My wedges save me many shots around the greens and I would consider myself a pretty decent player from 100 yards in, chipping around the greens and bunker play. My greatest short game weakness that has nothing to do with wedges, is putting. That is why it is important that I chip or land it close! 50* SS, 54* TS, 58 ES Black dot, standard length PX 6.0, Standard MCC plus 4 orange one wrap
  3. All sold via other outlets, this can be closed up or locked, whatever the process is here...
  4. 41 Turtleson Alabama Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy mobile app
  5. No Trades! Up for sale is a minty M1 9.5* tour issue head and headcover. It was purchased from Will People's golf. The actual loft I was told is 9.2 and the face is 1 degree open which is also what I was told. It looks really square to my eye. It also has hot melt ports and feels amazing, with the + on the hosel and the dot in the middle of the face. I just put the head on the digital postal scales at work and it is 7.2 oz which comes out to 204 grams. I bought this after loving my M2 fairway and decides to stick with my G LS. This is my first for sale post here, but I have 300 100% positive feedback on wrx and almost 700 on ebay. $375 obo $350 $325 shipped and paypal'd Factory Kuro Kage Silver 60x TiNi shaft that is 44.25 inches long with Taylormade 2* factory adapter. The black stuff in the picture on the shaft is sticky smudge not scuffs $85 obo $75 shipped and paypal'd *****sold Aerotech Steelfiber 110 cw regular flex 5-PW. .355 taper tip, 5 iron plays 38.5 installed, untipped, and the set drops in half inch increments from there. Grips are basically brand new Super Stroke. $180 shipped and paypal'd
  6. My G LS 10.5 with KK 60x tini has been my favorite club in the bag. Long and straight and nothing else I've tested has been able to knock it out of the bag. At 41 I've hit some career long drives and seldom miss the short grass. My Cameron X7m probably comes in a close 2nd. With the tour SNSR pistol grip my putting has much improved this season! Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy mobile app
  7. 1. Chris Jarmon, Alabama, 3 2. Ping Glide 58ES and 50SS, S55 46* all yellow dot w/zz65 Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy mobile app
  8. Shot 76 yesterday (37/39) after the 79 on Saturday and much to my surprise found myself in a 3 way sudden death playoff for the ship! It only took the first hole, one guy made double, I bogey'd and the winner made par. It was a lot of fun and the first time that I have ever really been in contention for the championship and our course from the back is a true test! It was really windy all weekend as well which is really rare for this time of year in Alabama. Seemed like it was in our face on every hole. Anyway, finished 2nd and that'll give me something to work off of for next year!
  9. Shot 79 today in our CC. 3 back going into tomorrow. It was brutal today from tips, steaming hot and windy made 7300 play tough! Hopefully I'll shoot closer to par tomorrow, turned at 37 and the wheels came off a little as I made 3 doubles on the back but fortunately made 2 birdies to help some. I'm going back to our orange tees (6800) after this weekend! Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy mobile app
  10. With exception to Cameron, Betti, Byron Morgan, Machine, Gauge and other $$$ putters; once you find the feel and shape you prefer you shouldn't have any issue finding any putter you like in the classified ads or the bay under your price point. Never go wrong with Odyssey or Ping putters for that price range. FWIW, I just read an article last week stating out of the tour's top 13 putters, all but Phil putt with mallet style putters. Ping Ketsch is point and shoot
  11. Sorry to hear about your loss! Thieves make me angry! This happened to one of my playing partners about 10 or 12 years ago while we were making the turn! We pulled up to grab drinks and a snack, meanwhile someone pulled up in a car watched us go inside and grabbed his bag and dashed. No cameras on that side of the clubhouse. He had a full set of TM RAC LT irons, 320 driver etc... it was bad enough they got his bag and clubs, but his car keys were also inside his bag along with his watch. Luckily he had just taken his wallet out to buy drinks. To add to the fire, he filed the claim on his homeowners insurance, paid the deductible and replaced the set. Couple months later his homeowners cancelled his policy!
  12. Our club championship is this weekend as well at AUC (Aug 27-28) Last year everyone played the white tees on Saturday to flight for the championship on Sunday. The championship flight played from the tips on Sunday while everyone else stayed on the white tees along with the senior division as well. This year it's pre flighted by GHIN and if you're going to compete for the cc, you have to play from the tips both days. It's a modest 7300 yards. I've been playing several rounds from back there and have found there's far less trouble off the tee, but obviously the par 3s are all over 200 with exception to one and it plays close to it depending on the pin placement. The 2nd shots into the par 4s prove to be more of a challenge as well! I hit a lot more mid and long irons in finding out that hitting fairways is definitely a premium. I just hope to have two sub 80 rounds and I'll be happy! Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy mobile app
  13. That's actually a Cameron x7m hidden in an Odyssey cover. Versa copy cat ha! Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy mobile app
  14. Thanks! I really like them a lot! very versatile wedges for all types of lies and feel great! Mine have zz65 shafts in them custom ordered from Ping (yellow dot) as I also have a set of Ping S55 irons with zz65 shafts as well.
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