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  1. Timothy, Tucson, AZ Xs Would be testing both indoors and outside. Installed a net in my garage. Thank you for the chance to test this.
  2. Look forward to this Timothy Martinez, Tucson, AZ 30 rounds yearly, Twitter , Facebook, Handicap 12, Swing speed for driver 96 Current irons Srixon 545s Desired cobra set Forged Tech
  3. Timothy Martinez, Tucson AZ currently play callaway Md3 wedges. Would like to try the Bridgestone offering. HC is about 10, would like to have 50, 54, 58 degree wedges.
  4. Would love to try this program.Timothym from AZ. currently use a epic w/ hazrd regular shaft. Never been fit into a driver before.
  5. Timothy Martinez, Tucson, AZ Tried range finder, GPS and sometimes memory for which club to use. Sometimes its close and sometimes not. Not sure its always because of equipment used.
  6. Timothy Martinez, Tucson AZ, handicap 10-12, current irons, Srixon 545, recoil graphite, ES760 regular flex, distance 155-160
  7. Timothy Martinez, Tucson AZ, handicap 10-12, 7 iron distance- 155-160 yds
  8. Timothy Martinez, AZ golfer. handicap 10-12, swing speed 97-101, Current driver is callaway epic sz with a rogue shaft. Would like to test the mizuno st-180 in a 10.5 hed with a tensei blue, regular flex shaft
  9. Tim, Tucson, AZ Using Callaway MD3 wedges currently Driving and iron shots are strengths Wedge play is the weakness. Handicap is about 10
  10. 1.Timothy Martinez, Tucson AZ 2. 10 HC, 97 mph swing speed 3. Callaway Epic SC 4. G400, 10.5 regular
  11. Selections didn't load for some reason. Tier1 Dustin Johnson Tier 2 Matt Kuchar Tier 3 Brandon Grace Tier 4 Ryan Moore Tier 5 Kevin Na Winning Score -13 Low AM -2
  12. Thank you for the opportunity to participate in this giveaway. I am considering the C300 forged irons as a near future purchase. It would be great if I could win these.
  13. This is Tim from Tucson. Callaway epic with hzrd, swing speed 95-99 avg., 240-250 avg. distance,srixon545s with recoil. iphone Very impressed with the F7+ when I hit in the simulator. I like the looks of the Cobra products and think it is great to have the opportunity to test their clubs.
  14. Would be very interested in this new ball. My handicap is about a 10-12. Swing speed with driver is 95-98.
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