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    Queen Creek, AZ
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    In the bag
    Driver. Ping G 25 9* loft graphite design YS+6
    Callaway Apex P-5 irons
    Callaway Mac daddy 58*
    Bellam winmore 303 putter
    Titelest pro v1
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  1. Alex erkelens Queen Creek AZ 12 HC Currently play Callaway apex Approch, pitching wedge and Callaway Mac daddy 2 R tour 58 Just started playing again about 8 months ago after being medically discharged from the army due to a back injury and my game has suffered as a result. I went from a 4 handicap to a 12. I have a long drive and anything under a 7 iron I'm fine my 125 and in is a struggle because of the way I need to twist now and my putting has gone to embarrassing because I have limited bend forward. I would love to see if these could truly make me more accurate. I've bee
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