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  1. I had never heard of trackman, I need to look into that. I do know that I hit my 7 iron right at 170, so i have been assuming 10 yards per club, so i just grab the 8 for 160, 9 for 150 ans so on. I need to look into the trackman and/or a laser GPS. thanks frank
  2. So my issue is that when I get to the range, i can tell whether i hit the area near the markers, but lose the ability to determine yardage when I am between markers or over 150 yards. The translation is that when I go to play, I honestly do not have an exact yardage for certain clubs as I am unable to determine yardage. If anyone of you have any suggestions, please share them because my rounds become very frustrating when I am unsure of specific yardage. Thank you in advance, Frank
  3. Thanks guys, it feels good to be a spy. Frank
  4. Frank Fiorenini Carmel, In Handicap-I haven't played in almost a year due to surgery, so I am not entirely sure right now. I am recently released for activity after having heart surgery, so I am excited to even be a part of this process, it would be a dream to be selected, but to be honest, I am glad that I am able to participate, good luck everyone. Srixon Z65 driver ZF65 fairway wood ZH65 hybrid Srixon Z765 Irons Cleveland RTX-3 52-56 loft wedges HB 1 putter Srixon Z-Star balls
  5. I am new to this site, I have stalked in the past, but decided to join. I recently had surgery to repair an aortic aneurysm, and am ready to get back to playing golf. I am a week cleared for activity, so i am rusty and sore, but ready to start playing again. Frank
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