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  1. WOW, Where do i start? First off , I'm cheap. I never buy the latest, greatest whatever they are pitching that day. I have used a launch monitor when testing new clubs but primarily I use it to get raw data (swing speed etc.) I am getting older and have shrunk 1 1/2" in the last two years so my old clubs don't always fit. The shafts are too stiff or the length is wrong. I am fortunate to have a garage full of clubs so it is no big deal to cut them down an inch or so and put on a different grip and they play totally different. It doesn't take much to repaint a metal wood so it looks new if you are at all handy. I will go th the range with a few 5 woods for example to see how they feel. I am currently playing an old Calloway X that I cut down an inch and refinished. I put a jumbo grip on it and hit the crap out of it. That replaced at least 2 newer 5 woods that I have. I play Ping i25 Driver and 3 wood with senior shafts and I like them both but when I cut down the 3 wood to a 5 wood length I got astounding results. I put these in my bag because they work for me. I have 2 sets of irons I alternate. I have Mizuno JPX with graphite shafts and an old set of Ping i3+ with steel shafts. I had to cut down the Pings a bit since when I was fitted for them I was 1 1/2" taller and now they work just fine. I used a Cleveland G15 60 degree until I misplaced it and found a very old Wilson Sandy Andy 61 in the garage which I regripped and even though I got the Cleveland back that Old Sandy Andy isn't going anywhere. I had a Ping 58 degree wedge I used to hit 100 yards 9 out of 10 times which is now replaced with a Titleist Vokey 50 degree, which I hit 100 yards as frequently as that Ping. In answer to your question Why do I play the clubs I play...BECAUSE THEY WORK FOR ME. I don't give a crap about what they look like sitting together in the bag. I would rather hear from my playing partners..".What did you hit there, great shot" The story about the eight putters I rotate with will have to be for another day-
  2. I am a senior golfer swing speed 85 to 90 handicap 17 Been playing 4 to 5 times a week this winter in Fla. Love to play different balls, looking for performance without the high price tag. Would love to try these
  3. Heron Creek CC is in North Port, Fla and and we just opened Nov. 1st after a total renovation of all 27 holes. They replaced all the greens with tifeagle ultra bermudagrass and reseeded all the tees, fairways and rough with a different type of grass and the place is in GREAT shape. Last year it was a disaster and we had to wait 6 months to play but it was worth the wait. They brought it back to the original Arthur Hills design specs and it sure looks different. Heron Creek is semi private, so the public is able to play. it. So if you are lucky enough to get down this way you might want to try it out. I'd bet you won't be disappointed.
  4. Glad to see there a lot of like minded people in here about what is affordable. When I worked I used to pay up for a good shirt and It never failed, the first hot dog I ate would deposit mustard on my beer gut. Of course by the time I got home the stain would have set and it used to really pi** me off. I lost the beer gut and with it my taste for expensive shirts. I am much happier now. Golf clubs, same thing...I finally realized it wasn't the tools , it was the mechanic.I may be a slow learner and dumb....but I'm not stupid (some may argue that point.)
  5. Affordable to me simply means, can YOU afford it? For some guys a new $400 driver every year is affordable. That is not the case with me. I am a shopper. I don't ever pay full retail for anything. Its a matter of what I am comfortable spending on a certain item, whether it be clothes, clubs , cars or whatever. For me the acid test is , am I happy with the purchase and do I have any buyers remorse. I think everyone agrees that paying less rather than more always feels better but what works for me may not work for you. We are conditioned as consumers to believe more expensive is always better and in many cases that is true. Retailers put a number on things and there are always some who can afford things at any price and are willing to pay. they can afford it. Many of us can't afford to pay those prices and are not willing to pay them. That's why there are SALES, SO, I think affordable is a sliding scale and is truly a personal thing based on each persons situation. I do not think affordable means cheap or of poor quality. Its just an interpretation of a number.
  6. I am new at this and don't want to overstep. I will be writing golf reviews for the many trips I have taken over the years. They tell me I will have to sell stuff on my site to pay for it (didn't know that when I started) but my intent is to furnish tips and advice for planning buddy trips as well as a review for each trip. There is also a review for a trip to Santee S. C. on my site and I hope to add one a moth. Next review on my site will be Hilton Head. Thanks for checking in...Mike T
  7. Neither can I afford it. I played it once and that was enough. There are so many other courses that are very nice and aren't budget busters. Hilton Head National, Indigo Run, Rose Hill and Oyster reef are some of my favorites.
  8. See you like Harbor Town.. Cooterman. I am writing a review for Hilton Head for my website and will post it soon. Maybe we can compare notes.
  9. Virginia is often overlooked as a premiere golf vacation destination as compared to more heavily advertised areas like Myrtle Beach and Hilton Head. Virginia Golf Vacations and Williamsburg Golf Packages are one company that offer packages that they can tailor to any group. My last trip there, we had 16 guys and no one had any negative comments about the whole experience. Do your homework and be specific about your needs. Chris Hartig and his professional staff can assist you in finding the right courses and accommodations for any size group. They offer up to date information on current course conditions and scheduled maintenance for all the courses they offer in their packages. They will also contact you if things change with a particular course and can offer alternatives for a course that may not be in top condition. I believe their Williamsburg Golf Package is one of the best on the East Coast. Must plays in the Williamsburg area are the Horseshoes, Fords Colony Courses, and Colonial Heritage. Kiskiak and The Club at Viniterra are among the 15 other championship courses they offer that are two of my favorites. Be sure to check on replay opportunities since this may influence your course selections. Lodging: Book early for the best choices in condos. Nine months out usually insures the best choices. The larger units go fast and by booking early you can usually keep your group in the same area of whatever complex you choose. It makes getting together to go over the events of the day and planning for the next day much easier. We stayed at the Powhatan Resort and it was perfect for our needs. You will want to make clear the number of beds required, not the number of people a unit will sleep. I have experienced bunk beds, pull out sofas and king and queen sized beds which left one guy sleeping on the sofa on occasion so be specific about your your needs. It's always nice to have a grill outside for your use and inquire about any other amenities that might be offered. Full kitchens are a must for us since we usually eat breakfast in before heading out to the course for the day and this can cut down the cost of a trip tremendously. So, if you are looking for a place to take a buddy trip that offers quality courses and comfortable lodgings at a reasonable price you might want to check here.http://gamesgolfandgo.com
  10. Bear with me guys if I don't answer right away. Slow learner/ still trying to figure out where everything is on this site. Beginning of this summer all I could do on a computer was answer emails and play video slots-
  11. Hi Cooterman.. Good friend from Akron/Canton here at Heron Creek..Don Bourne--Know Him???
  12. Hi Folks: One of my FAVORITE places for a golf buddy trip is Santee National Golf Club in Santee, S. C.... WHY? I think it is one of the best set up places for golfers to stay, play and carouse. The Santee area has a wide variety of golf courses, 17 in all, and hotels to fit your style and budget. Known as the “Value Destination of the East Coast”, Santee offers great golf for the money. Situated along Interstate 95, Santee is also probably the easiest to find golf destination. There are numerous places to stay but you would absolutely want to go with the golfers condos at Santee National Golf Club. They have 3 buildings along the 1st tee with 4 condos each and they are pretty much out of earshot of everyone. So, if you are like the golfers I traveled with, the more they drank, the louder they got, and here, you won't disturb anyone. We always seemed to run into a group or Canadians and they were FUN . They even brought their own bagpipers. That was interesting and entertaining. Drunk Canadians WITH bagpipes, what a HOOT. The condos are 2 bedroom, 2 bath and a full kitchen. The bedrooms have 2 double beds for 4 golfers per unit, so this is the way to go. Don't know about you, but I don't want to sleep in the same bed with another golfer, even after a few drinks. The 17 courses located int the Santee area offer more than enough choices for a week long trip. My favorites are Santee Narional, Lake Marion GC, Wyboo and Santee Cooper. They are all championship golf courses with tees for players of all skill levels. Dining is limited compared to larger places like Myrtle Beach and Hilton Head but there are enough places for variety in a week long trip and you still have your full kitchens and grills outside of your condo. Its always nice to have a juicy steak after playing 36. The ONE place that is a MUST is the Lone Star Bar-B-Que and Mercantile which is almost with in sight of the condos and is on Santee State Park road. This place is one of the most unique dining spots in the area and the locals and golfers in the know love it. Don't be put off by the 1920 look of the place, its worth checking out. It is only open Thursday to Sunday and I try to eat there at least twice when I am there. The price is right and I believe it is some of the best home cooking the South has to offer. They even had free live entertainment on a Saturday that we visited. So if you are looking for a destination that is less hectic and offers everything any group would need for a successful trip at a reasonable price, you might want to put this area on your list of places to go.
  13. Where are you in Mass? My son lives in Newton, just outside of Boston.
  14. That sounds like a plan Fairhaven
  15. Thanks for the welcome all. Nice to be here. Might take you up on that invite to Tampa but now I am enjoying our 27 brand new holes here at Heron Creek. We just opened for play last week with 27 brand new tees, fairways, greens and roughs and it is a JOY to play. They did it right by bringing it back to the original Arthur Hills design which changed a bit over 15 years. I'll be here until May so we'll have to get together sometime. In May its back to Nazareth, Pa which is 60 miles North of Philly. Hope I killed two birds with one stone there by answering like that. Anyway, its nice to be here....LATER...MikeyT
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