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  1. Adam/Connecticut Vokey 52/56/60/64 Short game strengths/weaknesses: I'm very, very reliant on my wedges from 125 yards and in. They're my most used set of clubs, I practice them the most and how I do with them dictates my score. I landed on Vokeys (which I really like) after trying older Hogans (pretty good), Mizunos (good) and Ping (disappointing). Current handicap: 10
  2. Adam | Connecticut Cobra F6+ / Matrix Black Tie 107ish / 285+ Twitter: adamkaplan Android (I'm savvy)
  3. 1. Adam from Connecticut 2. 11 3. Mizuno MP52, S300 4. They all look pretty great, actually. I think I'd be best suited with the forged (ideally, I'd try them all to see what felt right, but from the description, the forged sounds like it would work with my game...).
  4. 1. Connecticut 2. Scotty Cameron, Newport 2 3. Consistency
  5. Adam, Connecticut 11 handicap I've not used a GPS watch. However, I use an Izzo Swami or SkyDroid on my phone [depending on what's charged...). Haven't tried a shot tracking system -- but I think I want to as it might help my game. Knowledge is power.
  6. Your Handicap: 11 Your State/Province: CT/USA Your Swing Speed & Average Carry Distance: 108/290 Your Preference (F7 or F7+): F7+ I currently have a F6+ in the bag and would love to see if there's an actual difference between the two clubs. New tecnology is great but let's see how great it is...
  7. Swing Speed: 108 Handicap: 10-11 Usual ball: Pro V (but tend to be brand agnostic.Results are all tha matter.)
  8. New to the forum -- nice to be here! 1. 25-30 rounds a year/on the Board of Governors for my men's club in CT 2. 10 index (so a 9 handicap? I'll be honest, the difference confuses me...) 3. Scotty Cameron Newport 2 blade, weighted to 350g with a Winn oversized grip. Love the putter so I'm excited to see if the evnroll can make me think twice. Hit 'em straight!
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