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  1. Name and Location - Joshua / Ventura, CA How do you currently get your yardages? Telephone-based App. How do you feel about technology's relationship with golf? Technology has improved every aspect of game. Clubs have made me longer and more accurate than when I was in my 20's. The GPS app takes the guess-work out of yardages. The only issue with phone-based apps is their occasional inaccuracy. I can be standing on the 150 plate in the middle of the fairway and my phone will say I'm 138 to the center. For a single-digit handicap that variance is a round killer. To be able to test the SkyCaddie on my home course and against my current app would be a true test of the device's performance. I hope to be chosen.
  2. I had been a Callaway uPro user for years. My uPro finally died earlier this season. I’ve experimented with several phone apps but have not been truly satisfied. Hopefully I’ll be chose to test the SX400. I’ve missed having a reliable GPS yardage!
  3. Joshua - Ventura, CA Handicap: 3.7 Current: Vokey Design SM5 52 / 56 / 60 Desired: 52-08 / 56-10 / 60-10
  4. First name: Joshua Home state: CA, USA Handicap: 4.1 index Current irons set/shaft: Titleist 716 CB / Rifle Project X 6.0 + 1/2 in. PING choice: i500 I would LOVE to test these irons!
  5. Joshua / California Age: 56 / Handicap 5 Titleist 716 CB 4-PW / Rifle Project X 6.0 shafts +1/2in / Winn Drytac Midsize Grips I would love the opportunity to test and review these irons. They look fantastic and the Hogan company has a long tradition of making irons with superior feel. Put them in my hands. Let me see what they can do!
  6. Joshua Mednick California, United States Titleist, 716 CB irons 7-iron Distance: 150-155 yards I'm a single digit handicap looking for more distance as I get older. The G700 test may be the perfect solution!
  7. Radio13gm Porter Ranch, CA 7.0 Index Callaway uPro MX GolfSense Swing Tracker Send me the SkyCaddie Linx GT GPS Watch/Tracking system. I play almost 100 rounds per year and have tested gear for Titleist and Callaway.
  8. I am a 6 handicap golfer that plays close to 100 rounds per year. I currently use a custom fitted Scotty Cameron Pro Platinum Newport. It's going to take an amazing putter to wrestle that out of my hands!
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