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  1. Thank you for your responses. Knowing the Torque was my goal so that I could go the road of one tool to rule them all (Lord of the Driver Torque wrenches) I already own adjustable torque handles and would like to use them. Yes it is always an option to keep feeding the "Not invented Here Syndrome" and buy the "magic" OEM tool aka Torque is proprietary secret information. I am looking to kybosh all that BS. Knowing exactly what material the screw/bolt and weight are made of is a little more tricky in the age of "counterfeit fastner" proliferation in the m
  2. Hello I am hoping, but not holding my breath, that someone may be able to answer my question and not simply regurgitate OEM marketing Dept sales speak in lieu of answer. Question:: I would like to know what the Torque in lbs per sq in is for each of the Driver Head wrenches 1) TM (I only really care about this one because I own TM woods) 2) Titleist 3) Callaway 4) Cobra 5) Mizuno 6) Ping Over the years the scuttlebutt has been that early TM Drivers e.g. R7 were 30lbs per sq.in Newer ones 40lbs per sq.in I have witnessed the "if it fits in the hole you can
  3. Your first name : Richard Your home state/province/country Manitoba / Canada Your handicap 8 Your current irons set/shaft Callaway Apex / Project X 95 Flighted R Flex Your PING choice - i210
  4. First name/home state or province Richard , Manitoba Current driver/shaft combo Taylormade M1 / Mitsubishi FUBUKIâ„¢ J-Series 60 R Swing speed/handicap 95mph Hdcp 8 Preferred ST 180 loft/shaft Preferred Loft: 10.5 Preferred Shaft: MITSUBISHI TENSEI CK ORANGE 50 in Reg Flex
  5. 1.Richard --- Manitoba 2. 10 3. Taylormade M1 Mitsubishi Fubuki 4. 95-99mph 5. Patrick Reed
  6. I play 50 rounds a year The average number of rounds I play annually is 50 My current handicap is 10 My Current Putter is Titleist Scotty Cameron California
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