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  1. I know it's the same, but it feels so different with golf clubs versus phones. I could be in the minority there, too, but I seriously dislike financing phones. Though I do recognize my ability to save for a $500-$900 item can be much different than a lot of other folks.
  2. Yeah. I agree. I'm not a slow player at all. We had a weird round that was only made worse by CPO though. The group in front was tragically slow, then would randomly quit each hole, so the group behind us only ever saw us on the hole. We tried explaining, but I don't think they understood, as they started hitting into us on #17. CPO made it a lot worse just because of the amount of time it took to get to/from the ball. Seriously a weird round. This foursome (and then twosome after a pair dropped out) would hit 2-3 off the tee, hit second shots, and then just either pick the balls up or lea
  3. Fair, if you want to get in that pipeline. But I don't know that financing a set of golf clubs is a sound financial decision for anyone outside of TMAG. And what happens if/when something breaks or you sky one a few times? You're paying more for something that you can't change at that point. It has its merits, I suppose, but I see too many downsides for the consumer.
  4. Woof. Long time taken off from here...and I probably should have titled this thing differently. I think it's only relevant about a month out of the year as it stands. Quick rant on Cart Path Only: There's nothing more detrimental to pace of play than CPO. Even if you hit it in the fairway, all the guesswork of clubs (and you should have a good idea of what you need if your carts have GPS) slows everything down. If your cart doesn't have GPS, what do you do? Bring five clubs with you each time? I know I'm over-thinking it, but I've never had a great CPO experience. It just feels like it
  5. Is it just me, or is this an absolutely terrible idea for about 90% of the people who are going to utilize this? It's a great business decision for TMAG, in that they'll make more money...but it seems wrong. Financing a luxury item seems like a sure sign that you don't need that item to begin with. Golf is expensive. You should reevaluate your priorities is you're having to finance your ability to play. That, or buy used clubs. Also, you can't return your club if: No thanks.
  6. Brian Denver, CO Pretty solid chipper/don't mind going high...abysmal bunker player 50ºSS, 56ºES, 60ºTS Thanks for the chance, and looking forward to hearing from reviewers how good these are!
  7. I'm in a similar boat as Foz. Got an AFO DFX as my backup and game a Fly-Z+. It's back and forth for me. Both are awesome drivers.
  8. How does those putter covers hold up? Heard nothing but good things, but really trying to think it through before chucking money their way. Their work looks great, just wondering about durability.
  9. Love that Macho Man one. I saw it on the Sunfish site the other day and chuckled.
  10. Ever my guiding light off the tee, Yoda not only protects my driver, but reminds me that no good can come of anger in a shot pushed or pulled; only the Dark Side awaits. I was in Ikea a few weeks ago and noticed they had hand puppets in the kids section (we were shopping for our upcoming baby) so I thought the incredibly stoned dragon would be a fun addition. It fits the 3W head perfectly, which was a nice surprise. My hybrid cover is part of a set of old MacGregor covers I found at a junk shop in Denver. Pretty cool, and I put the sock Cobra sock cover under it since it's a
  11. Brian - Denver, CO (We can play year round, I swear!) I currently use whatever yardage book is for sale in the pro shop of the course I find myself at. It works fine, but not all yardage books are created equally (think lay-ups, etc).
  12. Thanks everyone! Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  13. Much appreciated. Overwhelmed with how the community has responded to a simple introduction!
  14. Thanks and War Eagle (even if that last few weeks haven't been so good to either of us).
  15. Can't beat the extra yardage you get up here. Where in the NW? Hoping to make my pilgrimage to Bandon next year, but we're having baby #1 in May, so it might have to wait.
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