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  1. Rob Camper Texas TaylorMade RBZ Stage 2 10.5° Driver Rocketfuel 50g Shaft Regular R Flex Not fit Have I mentioned I love to write and evaluate stuff?
  2. Rob Texas, USA Hcp: 19 Current: TM M2s - Nippon Pro 105 R-Flex My choice: i210 Funny - I was in PGASS a month back trying out the i210 irons along side the M4s and Rogues. This would be an awesome honor to write for you guys! Rob
  3. Rob / Texas Current set: Ping Glide 2.0 54, 58 Nippon 115 shafts (lovingly named "Butter" and "Bacon Grease") Desired: 52, 56, 60
  4. Oh PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE! Rob TX, USA M2 irons. Nippon Modus 105 r-flex 7-iron distance: 155-160 Really loving my irons since I put the Nippons on them. But, I've been seriously considering these. I have Ping Glide 2.0 wedges 54 and 58 (which I love).
  5. Rob / Houston, TX TaylorMade RBZ / reg shaft stock 95-97 mph / 20.9 hcp Preferred: 12.5 / reg flex ​Have I mentioned before that I love to evaluate and love to write?
  6. Rob | Houston, Tx Ping Glide 54Ëš and 58Ëš Strengths: If the rest of my game matched my short game, my handicap would be much lower. I have the occasional mis-hits, but most all shots I'm confident with. Weaknesses: My full shots are feast or famine. Current handicap: 19
  7. 1. Rob Camper, Texas 2. Taylormade RBZ Driver; 3w and 5w; M2 4h, and 5h w irons 6-AW; Ping Glide 54 and 58 wedges. 3. 20 hcp 4. Your goals for the 2018 golf season: I've been going through a total makeover of my swing over the last 2 years. It' finally sinking in and I expect to get my hcp down to the mid teens. Finally getting to the point to where I could make an informed decision on what to get fitted with... Rob
  8. I respect Martin for wanting to put his money where his mouth is. Many golf instructors out there are trying to claim some sort of distinctiveness. It can get pretty maddening. But I would venture to say that many are better at branding themselves than most of golf's OEMs. I've watched many of Martin's videos. Very skeptical of all the promises made by so many instructors trying to sell themselves with often contradictory methods and tips. Very curious in Martin's ability to deliver. Given the opportunity, I would be more than happy to write and share my experience. I love to write about things I am passionate about. Here are some samples... Not only am I starting a golf community/forum (www.thegolfobsessed.com) - note the 3 blog posts that I have ghost-written for our golf pro..., I also have started a food blog (www.deal-with-this.com). About me: Rob Camper - 49 y.o. Houston, TX For 25+ years, I have been on again off again with my game and have never gotten below a 20 hcp. That was then... This is now... Only in the last 4 years do I feel I am really taking this seriously (like, more than seriously). I'm on a mission to see just how far someone with over 2 decades of bad habits can re-invent himself. I'm trying to prove that getting at least to a low single-digit handicap is possible. I've told my 2 friends who are coaches, "salvage nothing less than optimal -- sacrifice anything necessary". My biggest bugaboo is fighting old over-the-top tendencies caused by decades of compensating for a lack of any true bio-mechanic sequencing.
  9. Rob, Texas Seemore PTM1 38" Rosemark counterbalance 17" grip ODYSSEY O-WORKS RED #7 PUTTER 36" blk jumbo grip
  10. Rob, Texas TaylorMade RBZ 10.5 / Rocketfuel reg flex 88-92mph 215yds FB: https://www.facebook.com/rcamper Tw: @TheGolfObsessed IG: https://www.instagram.com/thegolfobsessed/ iPhone 6s
  11. Rob Texas Current: Seemore FGP original / Tommy Armour Zaap Alpha Would like to test: Huntington Beach 1 or 4
  12. Rob Camper from Houston, TX - - I use GolfShot app during my round and I use Ranger app for the driving range.
  13. I live in TX HCP: 20 and dropping! Current putter: SeeMore FGP Original 39" Rob Camper CEO, TheGolfObsessed.com
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