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  1. Paul /Idaho Scotty GoLo The most desirable putters at my club
  2. I am starting to think this is BS. By the time I get the email there are 20 pages of sign ups and I dont think anyone ever gets one. But I will try one more time Paul Guggenbuehl Idaho Titleist 917 Diamana Blue 9.5 degree stiff Yes fitted I also have a Taylormade M3 twist face Tensi white 9.5 Stiff
  3. Paul Idaho Handicap 11 never gamed Wislon current setup is 716 AP2's
  4. Age 58 130 ball speed Taylormade TP5x and Kirkland sig are what I am playing now
  5. Nampa Idaho, Scotty Cameron Newport 2 select Mallet. short range putting 4-10 feet.
  6. Hello Fellas, I have some 716 AP2s and I am playing with my local pro. He is 22 and I am 58. He notices I am hitting a 7 iron around 140. He looks at my shafts and says "DUDE!! These are WAY TOO STIFF for you!!!" Do you guys have any suggestions for my irons? I swing a driver 85-90 mph and its a FITTED 917 D2 with Diamana blue shaft and its perfect for me. Do I go reg flex steel or go graphite? Thanks in advance.
  7. Paul Guggenbuehl Boise Idaho 18 I have a optishot in the garage and a bushnell Jolt 7 paulgt3@gmail.com
  8. Hey guys. I can get a 3 iron titlest T-MB on Ebay but I would rather buy it here. Anyone got one standard loft lie standard shaft? Email me at Paulgt3@gmail.com Thanks
  9. Big Stu, thats why they are so popular. If they were a so so ball nobody would give a rats ass. i would like to find out what Taylormade ball it was supposed to be, so I could still play them. Like I said before it makes my 917 driver very long!!! The TM lethal is a 5 layer ball but I dont know what ball TM got Nassau to make. I know in the UK its the Quattro but whats the TM name?
  10. Wow I guess I will have to put my Ksigs in my gun safe!!!
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