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  1. Wow thanks for the opportunity here. I've been playing G30 irons for 4-5 years and they've been amazing. Would love to try the 710s but can't afford them right now. This would be amazing! Chad / Missouri 11.3 Ping G30 140
  2. Chad/Missouri 13.5 Ping G-30 150 on a standard day. I'm also the type who can hit my 7-iron 33 yards once, and then the next time when all I need is 145-150, I thin one that goes 180 yards to a fiery death over the green.
  3. Chad / Columbia, Mo. 100-ish driver swing speed Titleist Pro V1 I have played Snells before, have ordered a couple dozen in the past, and I've been impressed with them. I always enjoy the hand-written note that Dean includes in each order - very classy!
  4. - Chad - Columbia/Missouri - Driver swing speed avg. around 95 and GHIN is 10.3 - 3 wood (Ping G30); 5 wood (Ping G30); 5 hybrid (Callaway X2 Hot) I'm very, very right-handed. Thanks for considering, I'd love to try these out, especially since I've been on the Ping bandwagon for so long!
  5. - Chad - Missouri - Odyssey Tank 7 38" w/counterbalance - Is putting the strength of my game? Bwwaaaaaaaaahahahahahahahah!!!!! If it's not clear, my truthful reply would be nope.
  6. Would love to help test. I was a G-30 driver guy for 2-3 years, and last year upgraded to a new driver, and tested best with the Callaway Rogue Sub Zero, but have always wondered if Ping wouldn't have been the best call. Anyway, here's my info, thanks for considering! 1. Chad - Missouri 2. GHIN - 10.3 / Driver club head speed - 100-105 3. Rogue Sub Zero 4. G410 Plus
  7. Chad - Missouri No real rain gear, just a hodge-podge of water-wicking jackets and pants Been rained on too many times to count
  8. I've been playing Ping G30 irons for a couple years now, would LOVE the opportunity to do this and share results with everyone, thanks for the consideration! - Chad - Missouri/USA - Ping G30/Aldila/stiff/+2 inches (I'm 6-foot-5, have to have longer clubs) - 150-160 average
  9. Awesome, thanks for the opportunity! Here's my info, thanks for considering me! 1. Chad - Missouri ​2. 11.7 - Driver swing speed averaging around 95-105 MPH 3. Callaway Rogue Sub Zero (Ping G400 was the runner-up in my personal testing during fitting process) 4. G400 LS Tech
  10. Chad - Missouri... Currently 11.7 index... Most often game a Titleist Pro V1... Guess I'm more high spin than low spin, as my natural shot goes pretty high, and I do typically get enough juice on the ball with short iron to stop quickly (and once in awhile back up) on the greens. I'll try either, I don't care, just hoping to get a chance to do testing for you. Thanks for considering!
  11. 1. Chad, Missouri 2. 16.6 3. Ping G30 9 degrees, Fujikara reg flex 4. 95 average 5. 185 on the duck hooks, 265 when I have my head out of my ass and put the proper swing on it 6. Lefty Thanks and good luck to everyone!
  12. Chad - Missouri... HDCP - 16.6... Never used a GPS watch. My daughter has one, a Garmin... Never used a Shot Tracking System, other than phone apps where you can estimate distances, but nothing that involves any equipment... Your first name, home state/province Your current handicap Have you used a GPS watch? Which one? Have you used a Shot Tracking System? Which one?
  13. Chad Moller Columbia, Missouri - United States Use a Callaway/X2 Hot range finder (no slope, just distance)
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