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  1. pretty much sticking to the concept for the foreseeable future myself... feel and aesthetics aside, it strokes so very well. My feel comments were more about feedback than anything else... the head design communicates well. Look at the axis 1, for some different theory on putter design. The idea of matching cog to ball position and stroke line seems solid. That's another putter id like to try, despite the looks resulting from the design. Id love for a balanced head design like the toe up, w customization and finish of the edel, and the incorporation of the axis 1 cog positions... that would be perhaps the ideal putter, in theory, maybe...? But im just happy to have a putter that isn't biased, that requires no compensation to stroke straight back and through again, which the toe up seems to achieve. However, if you get an itch to better design a head along these lines... will prepay to mill a head. My guess is that it is all going to be about getting hosel right, while making it agreeable to the eye. I tried discussing this w one custom putter guy, he wasnt having any of it, so...?
  2. Been eyeing the edel, after having tried the odyssey toe up 2 (the anser style). Interesting on what ur measurement came out to... id have the same concern. I like this putter, and the concept behind it seems to jive w my real life stroke, but wanted a higher quality build w some of the personalized details edel offers... the toe up fails in aesthetics but wins in functionality. Iv modified my toe up by adding about 30g to the head, and about 25g to the grip... tried to split the added head wt evenly and toward the leading edge to minimize altering the toe up quality. The cog (using same method as u essentially... used a nail to balance) is about 1.5mm inside of the center (toward the heel). That is after my weight additions. They advertised it as dead center. What i have noticed is that this head plays very much like an old bullseye in that i notice being off of center by the very slightest of margin... you can feel it. The head resists (slightly) a desire to twist, better than the bullseye though. Couldn't imagine having to strike a putt 12mm off of cog, but then again, my toe up does it's hang by altering the hosel position w regards to the bulk weight of the head... it moves more weight towards the face vs the rear, and places the shaft axis closer to the middle of the head vs the leading edge like most putters. Seems the edel manages the hang by exclusively redistributing head weight towards the heel. All of that to wonder if the extreme heel weight and cog shift won't twist as badly as i would imagine, or would be the case w the odyssey design. Im just pondering out loud. But yes, the odyssey achieves it's toe hang (seemingly) much differently than the edel. I need to try one of those, so my commentary is one sided.
  3. Tried a few of the recent 'soft' balls... they still have that plastic clicky sound. Even if the compression is under 90, still doesnt compare to what a balata was for feel, even at 100 compression,,, that has to have something to do w the sound. Bring back a balata, and il play it. Maybe even try a balata hybrid, like the modern 4 piece just wrap it in balata... id like to try that ball.
  4. Hope they keep up the custom department, like completely changing the shape and grind of their models upon request vs what has been hinted at re lessening their product offerings. Happy w my current clubs, but picking out a grind and doing something like a tour pro could only do was top of my list for the next set, specifically through them. I dont know of any other option to straighten and thin a topline, remove offset, change the toe, etc, and have it all come in to specific target weight by changing the type and grade of steel used. That's building a set from the forged block up. Who else does that? At any price.
  5. Pretty sure it is true spec, not tour spec... If recalling correctly, there was some old bad blood between tour spec and miura. Regardless, it's not him as the primary distributor. Don't even think he has a direct account (can't), and gets them in through someone else...?
  6. This is all just opinion, but it seems to me that we've reached a point where there are a certain set of profiles for pretty much every club, be it a putter or a driver. And certain profiles of certain clubs would best martch certain players w certain swing qualities and/or preferences. Just for example, the cog placement of the driver, be it low/forward, high/forward, low/back, or high back. Maybe within that list, head shape to match a player's eye, and the remaining specs such as lie, fa, or what have you. Point is, what is needed to know is known, and the tough part should just be swinging the varying profiles and discovering which works best for you, at this time in one's golf/swing evolution. What would be a breakthrough is if all the manufacturers standardized such profiles, and then clearly identified them to assist the golfer in picking them out. Develop a certain line/profile, and then keep it... Nothing is really going to change beyond this. Dont change lines or profiles, but rather fill out the product line to have a model for each profile... And then keep them as is, for years and years and years. Educate the golfer on these standard types of profiles, and then actually try helping them match to their particular needs. That would be 'revolutionary', if you will. Only reason I comment is that bought a newer driver a couple of years ago w all the new tech in materials, construction and design... Tell ya what, when I pure my 983, it goes farther. And the new one (w the supposedly huge sweet spot that increases ball speeds across the entire face), it isnt that much more forgiving, in actuality. And it doesnt go as far when nutted. Maybe that is a match issue between the head/shaft/swing? So i guess my vote would be that fitting matters more than anything 'new' that is claimed to have been developed. And that club manufacturers shouldn't be allowed to market anything anymore, and should be forced to develop proper, standardized profiles, and actually help golfers out. All just subjective opinion. And yeah, think im going to play the 983 next year, crazy right?
  7. In the greater metro area, and don't really mind an hour drive here or there. There are several on my list to play, not counting all the ones that are either out west or up north. Id love to find a little gem to call home though... Tough, requiring shot placement, excellent greens, not over 7k, pref not highly trafficked... Even better if it is in the middle of nowhere w no houses on it...
  8. Thank you everyone, for the very kind welcome. Much appreciated! KennyB... Well, tough to answer w/o some history... Last two years have basically been nonexistent, play that is. Herniated a disk, then reinjured about 6 mo later, then didnt play at all for the last full year. I am entirely healed, and can put a full swing on the ball again, so this next season will be gangbusters for me. And to add to that, moved to michigan several years ago, so there is almost half the year where golf is an indoor sport. Probably why I have been lurking on the golf forums... Just cant seem to scratch that itch with all the time off, lol. But, since moving here, I have yet to get out and explore like when young, which was oregon based, so Iv been on most all of those tracks, and a few in washington and cali and vegas. Here, have found northville hills, fieldstone, and sheperd's hollow... Seem to really like those spots, sheperd's hollow for it's seclusion in particular... Not too many players out there, and have enjoyed some really nice twilight hours w the course seemingly all to my self. Nice track too.
  9. Thought I would express a little gratitude to the site, and start some support by at least registering, and perhaps by contributing here and there, though I'm not an industry insider, nor a tourny player or anything of the like. Bottom line for me, as have been a lurker on the forums for the last couple of years, is that I seem to allign w the expressed values of this site... Independent, uncompromised, and w a soul that isn't sold. Truth be told, I am a bit frustrated w the over commercialization of everything and everyone, or so it seems, and the constant barrage of clickbait that is associated w other places, and the varying other behaviors of the industry and some of those associated. It is all rather distasteful, to me at least. And this place seems to be fighting the good fight, as opposed to everyone else. Again, nothing special over here on my end, but just want to express a thank you for running what appears to be a neutral site. Thank you. Very best of regards.
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