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  1. Ed New York City 10.6 Apex Pro / project X LZ 6.0 i210 Thanks Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  2. Handicap 14.6 Eduardo Miami Beach FL Callaway DBD Mitsubishi Kuro Kage silver x 105mph aprox 255 Phil the thrill! Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  3. The algorithm is smart enough to know and not include bad shots or punch outs from behind trees as I did on holes 6 & 16. Sent from my iPad using MyGolfSpy
  4. Hello everyone, being a gadget person I have both the original Arccos system and the 2nd generation Arccos 360. I started with the original game golf but it's gathering dust somewhere together with last seasons must have training aid. I could never get use to having to tap the sensor to the device on my belt. Which would mean loads of editing the missed shots after the round. You also had to hook up the device to a laptop or desktop to download the data and sync with the cloud. You could not edit the data on your phone or tablet as it had to be an application for your computer. On golf trips I'd have to wait to get back home to see/edit my rounds or take a laptop with me. By the time I returned home I no longer remembered what clubs I hit where. Once the Arccos system came out I was relieved not to have to alter my routine anymore and got use to having the phone in my pocket pretty quickly. I could now be as hands off as I wanted. You can check your shots while on hole, after you put in the flag stick after your last putt, while waiting to tee off on the next hole or at the 19th hole after the round. The sensors pick up the vibration of the club striking the ball so occasionally you could get a phantom strike which were quite easy to delete via the app should it occur. This would likely happen on those cart path only rounds when you grab a few clubs and head over to your ball. At this point after the various software updates it happens very rarely. The batteries in the Generation 1 sensors are designed to last between 30-40 rounds. They can be replaced with CR-2032 3-volt batteries. The advantages of having access to this type of data has helped me tremendously. How far you actually hit your clubs is pretty eye opening and my course management is so much better because of it. Arccos also makes the data easy to digest by giving you handicaps in five areas of your game. Driving / Approach / Chipping / Sand / Putting. so you can put in the practice where you need it the most. As you can see from the screenshots my chipping and my putting help compensate for my poor accuracy off the tee. And looking at club distances you can see I need to get a hybrid with more loft as it's going a bit to far and encroaching on my 5 wood. My strike with my 5 iron is only going a few yards longer on average than my 6 so working on that. Anyway hope this mini review helps anyone if they are on the fence about getting this type of device for their golf game. I'll post my experience with the newer Arccos 360 when I get in a few more rounds with it. Cheers, Sent from my iPad using MyGolfSpy
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