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  1. Hey Mate hows things going, I purchased the Adams aTour Red heads off you a while back. I have encounted a problem when building them, it appears that the hossels may have been drilled out as a .355 Shaft has to much play & a .370 Parallel fits nice. Not sure if you were aware of this or if you can find out for me. Cheers
  2. Hi Cloby, I received the heads the day after I made last contact with you, sorry for not getting back to you & letting you know they turned up.I was trying to use the tracking # but their site was experiencing troubles. I found a set of DG300 stiff shatfs & got some grips for them & will be assembling them this week, so will let you know the result. Cheers
  3. Hi was just wondering what shipping Company you used because the Club Heads have not turned up yet, do you have a Con-note number or Tracking Number & what company
  4. Not sure if my reply went through.............but would like to thank you for good service on goods... with the extra couple fo dollars. go & buy a Lotto ticket & if we win let me know...
  5. Hi there I will paypal you for the Iron Heads but if it is not a problem for you, could you find out how much it would be to ship the clubs assembled using Express Mail International.... Doesnt really matter if I dont get shafts because I have a set of Tietlist with KBS Stiff shafts at present that can be pulled.. Cheers
  6. Regarding the paypal info...i got it.......with the irons I wasnt going to pay straight away until I got all the information I was wanting......was even considering asking if you could give me a price for the whole set including shafts..... if you sell them in the mean time then its my bad luck i supose...
  7. Hi RookieBlue7, I will take those Adams aTour Red heads off your hands. I wont get you to re-build the clubs because as you said the postage will be very expensive. The Lime Green furrells that were with the Irons previously, will they also go with the heads because I will look at doing Paintfills on the Irons. Let me know your Paypal contact & I will get the money to you. Cheers
  8. I am very interested in purchasing the clubs but if you only want to do the heads I will still look at it.... I have never used this site before only used ebay.............is it possible to do paypal with u...........
  9. Hello there, I was wondering if you still have the Adams aTour Red Irons For Sale....If so will you post to Australia & if so how much would the Total be... Cheers
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