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  1. For me it was the Directed Force Reno putter. Paid $400 for it 2 and a half years ago. Worth every penny and still in my bag. Only chance it leaves us for another Directed Force if they come out with a new head shape.
  2. Yeah, you can win Truck Norris by buying C-Force water at Maverick stores. I wish there was a maverick near me, Truck Norris would look good in my driveway.
  3. Check out the commercial https://m.youtube.com/watch?sns=fb&v=w1VKCWmlyFM
  4. I've tried them both. Not very impressed with either. The Evnroll did not seem to improve accuracy at all, and the feel to me was blah. Edel felt ok, but all the weight in the heel of their "torque balanced" putter made it feel like it was closing as I took it back. No thanks on either.
  5. Since I drink it nobody has challenged me.
  6. They are carried in Brookshire Brothers stores. I just bought 4 cases today at the one at Pilot Point. They were $5.99 per case, and it turns out that the proceeds from this water go towards their Foundation, Kickstart kids.
  7. From what I understand, they are just starting to grow into some national grocery stores.
  8. Wow, it was 6 bucks at the store! Amazon sure likes to inflate the prices a bit!
  9. I'm going to bring some for the Texas event in April. I'll bring a bottle for everyone.
  10. Chuck Norris has his own bottled water now!! Yes, I realize it is a bit strange to be starting a bottled water thread on the world's largest golf forum, but I wouldn't be doing this unless it was something special. Let me get this out of the way first, I have no affiliation with this company. I am simply a VERY impressed consumer. I was down in Navasota Texas a couple of weeks ago and saw this HUGE building across the street from the Lone Wolf Ranch. On the side of the building was the C-Force logo, so being a responsible adult, I had to google it. Turns out it was a bottled water company owned by Chuck Norris! So, I swung by the store in town and sure enough, it was available there. I bought a couple of cases and usually I have the opinion that bottled water is bottled water. Well, I was wrong. This stuff is different. It tastes better, and it is hard to explain, but if “feels” softer. The water is the best bottled water I have ever had. It turns out they were drilling for a well on the ranch and hit an Artesian well. The water has been carbon dated to something like 23000 years ago, or the last ice age. The quality straight from the ground is ridiculously good, so there is no extra processing that the water needs to go through. The water is high PH, so it is alkaline. I am told that is better for me…and I thought water was water. Anyway, I just wanted to let others know. This stuff is now my go to beverage. Plus, its Chuck Norris' water, so it has to be great. Oh yeah, it was priced at the same level as the other bottled water cases, so it is not expensive!
  11. Copper Canyon is a great track. Verrado and Quintero are also very good
  12. I just bought one. Going to try it out this weekend. Feels pretty great on the carpet. Just saw this...https://thescene.com/watch/golfdigest/the-hot-list-2017-best-new-mallet-putters?source=player_scene_logo
  13. I should know within the next 2 weeks for sure. Just waiting to hear about a work class. Who put me down as a 0? I'm a 2.1 handicap.
  14. I played out there back when I used to work for PING. Did a demo day out there, then we got to play. Great golf course.
  15. I would try the Directed Force. I played out at Whisper Rock before moving to Texas and saw it in the bag of a few pros. Feedback was pretty solid. Bob Tway cleaned up with his. Apparently Goosen is using it now, McCord had one, and there were at least 3 more guys out there with it in the bag. I was a bit shocked. **edited to clarify, I did not play there regularly, I was an invited guest 1 time.**
  16. They look like MP5 irons. I'd definitely hit them.
  17. Absolute garbage is my opinion of the company. It is the new warrior custom golf. I'd stay away. Plenty of better clubs out there. Plus, I wouldn't want them to have my credit card info.
  18. Nope, this will be a fail for PING. They could have done this right, but, epic fail in my opinion.
  19. Already posted that I'm very interested. As long as I don't have to go to South Carolina for that time frame, I will be in. Hopefully I should know within the next week or two what my schedule looks like.
  20. I just moved here from Phoenix last week, so I have not played yet as the weather has been a little bit chilly. I live in Flower Mound at the moment right across the street from bridlewood. My guess is I will probably be playing the Grapevine Golf Course as it is relatively affordable. I'm also pretty close to Tour 18 which I will have to try at least once.
  21. From what I understand, they will be releasing a full muscle that is very similar to the one I posted above.
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