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  1. I thought I have always used when I start struggling is to imagine a delicate string tying my elbows together and swing so I don't break it. Seems to work for me
  2. I live in NY. It's cold. I'm recently single and I just want to play golf. I'm looking to take a trip to FL in March for a long weekend. I have a buddy that would go but I've never been on a golf trip before and am looking for recommendations as I don't know the ins and outs of what to look for. If anyone knows of a good deal, all inclusive is not a must, but something reasonably priced for 2-3 days of golf that is fun for single guys under 30 when we aren't golfing (nearby bars). Thanks
  3. Hey what's up everyone? I'm Vin, I currently play off a 10.5. I live in NYC but I'm from upstate NY so I play up there more frequently because the courses are cheaper. I currently play Mizuno MP-52s and they've been great but its my 6th season on them and I may consider cheating with another mizzy. I play miz wedges starting 3 weeks ago and will stick with that for a while, they are sweet so far. I know how forums go from reading fishing forums all my life and I know that intros are important or you rub people the wrong way. I'm interested in learning more about the tech aspect of the game and that['s why I'm here.
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