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  1. First Name/City State: Greg , Barrie, Ontario, Canada Desired to Test: 460 Swing Speed:105 Current Driver: Ping G400LST
  2. Greg Barrie, Ont, Can Sometimes I yearn for the good old days when you just bought a set of clubs including your driver from a sport store or pro shop where we never paid attention to loft, lies, shaft flex, adjustable heads etc, we just went out to play. But like all things good, times change including golf. Technology certainly has changed the way we play and buy golf equipment. I have used 2-3 types of measuring devices including a Garmin GPS, a Bushnell laser and a Garmin watch and i'm really looking for 1 product that can give me all the information I require. I'm tired of using 2 products at the same time to get my information and would really like the opportunity to review the SX500
  3. First Name/State or Country of residence: Greg, Barrie Ontario, Canada Handicap: +0.3 Current irons in Play: PXG 0311XF The carry distance of the your 7 iron: 170 Thanks for the opportunity
  4. Greg, Barrie, Ontario I use a Bushnell V4 and a Bushnell Phantom
  5. First Name- Greg /City, State-Ontario Canada Handicap/SS- +0.4 Current hybrid model Played- Cobra F7 19 degree and Cobra F7 22 degree What loft you think you would choose and why- Same as my current hybrids to have my distance gaps consistent
  6. First Name/State- Greg/Ontario, Canada Handicap/Swing Speed- +0.4/ 105mph Current Ball Played- Titleist AVX and Prov1x Have you previously played the Z Star or XV- I have never played a Srixon .
  7. First name- Greg - City/State- Ontario Canada - Swing speed and handicap- Driver 104, Handicap +.02 - Current setup of FW/Hybrid/Utility, Cobra 19 degree Stiff, Tour Edge CBX 22 degree stiff
  8. first name- Greg - State- Ontario Canada - current model of putter- Scotty Cameron Futura 6M - strength or weakness of your game- weakness is lag putting
  9. Greg in Barrie Ontario Canada Cobra F9 9.5 degree with a TPT 17 LKP shaft HDCP- +0.3 Swing Speed- 106mph I haven't used the Tour Edge driver before however I have their CBX 22 hybrid in the bag and love it
  10. Greg Barrie, Ontario, Canada plus +0.9 PXG 0311XF 5-PW Steelfiber 95 stiff shafts
  11. 1- Greg 2- Barrie , Ontario, Canada 3- +.07 4- I do not currently use anything like Arccos
  12. Greg Barrie,Ont,Canada PXG 0311XF, Steele Fibre I90 shaft 170 YDS
  13. Greg, Barrie, Ontario Canada Driver-M2 2016 3Wood- M2 Hybrid- Cobra F7, 19 Degree Hybrid- Adams DHY, 21 Degree Irons- PXG 0311XF- 5-PW Wedges- 50 Ping Glide, 56 Cleveland RTX-3, 58 Callaway Putter - Futura 6m Handicap- +1.6 Qualify for the US Senior Am
  14. Why is there not a signin area on the home page ?

  15. How do i get signed in to enter the prize contests

  16. Barrie,Ontario Canada Taylormade Daddy Long Legs 10' and in
  17. 1- Greg- Ontario Canada 2- +1 3- TM M2 2016 Kuro Kage stiff 60g 4- 103mph/ 250-260 yds 5- Phil
  18. Greg Barrie, Ont , Canada +0.4 Currently using the PXG 0811XF 5-PW, wedges Cleveland RTX3 ( 56 and 60 ) and Ping Glide ( 50 )
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