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  1. Peter P. / California 13 / 109-111 Driver Callaway Chrome Soft No
  2. Peter P. San Diego, CA 108-112 mph (driver), hcp 13 15* 3 wood Taylormade RBZ (225-240y) 19* 3 Hybrid Taylormade RBZ (210-220y) 4 iron Ping i500 (190-200y) - Right Handed Extremely interested in participating in this testing with full awareness of the time and effort that will come with it.
  3. Peter P. - San Diego, CA 15 Nike Vrs I believe the forged irons would work best but would be willing to test any in the line. Extremely avid golfer who would love to test out the Mizuno brand!
  4. Peter Peinado San Diego, CA My strengths are my sand shots, chip shots, and pitching from 50y and in. My weak shots are longer wedge shots about 70-105y 52SS, 56SS, 60 ES
  5. Peter Peinado, San Diego, CA 15 Currently use swing by swing app for tracking Play about 5x/month though this will definitely get me out there a bit more for testing; looking forward to tightening up my distances
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