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  1. This is Mark, a professional club fitter and club builder from the Pittsburgh area; current home USGA index is 1.5 (2016), winter handicap in Florida is 6.1; have used a Garmin Approach S1 GPS watch for several years now (very simple and easy to use), backed up by a Callaway/Nikon Laser Rangefinder; never used any shot tracking.
  2. Mark McMurray, PA Short game strengths - chipping, sand play Weaknesses - short pitches 50°/SS; 66° lie; 36" length; PWT 2.0 Wedge shaft; Ping DYLA-Wedge grip 54°/SS; 66° lie; 36"; same shaft & grip (would prefer loft bent to 55°) 60°/SS; 66° lie; 36"; same shaft & grip
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