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  1. Mike D

    Bradford ON Canada

    Titleist 718 AP1s 4-52* 9 irons - Tensei Reg flex graphite

    15 hdcp

    7 iron 141 yds


    I played many Ping sets -  eye3OS, eye 3 blade, I 10s G10s, I15s G15s - my last set i25s. Always loved the Ping support for loft and lie adjustments!

    Decided to switch to the AP1s to gain distance. Have had AP1 712s with steel fibers and now 718s

    Would love a reason to get back into the Ping fold but will not give up the distance gained at age 70.


    (4) Testers Wanted



    Mizuno ST 180 Drivers



    As Peter Wolfe once said - don't touch the knobs, 'cause I think we're gonna have some fun with this one!


    Everyone loves Mizuno irons, that's for certain. But when the topic of Mizuno drivers comes up, even the most avid of golfers scratch their heads and turn to the Big 5. 


    But this year's MGS Most Wanted Testing may have changed all that.


    attachicon.gifMizuno ST 180 -2.jpg




    Mizuno's new ST 180 surprised the field this year, finishing 4th overall. What's more, the ST 180 finished tied for 2nd for Swing Speeds over 105 mph, and tied for 1st for 90-105 swing speeds.


    Do we have your attention now?


    That's how the ST 180 performed for us, but as always, we want to know how it performs for you, the real live, avid golfer. 


    We're looking for four of you to test, review and keep a new Mizuno ST 180 driver, complete with your choice of any of Mizzy's  no-upcharge shaft options. 


    I know we have your attention now!




    This review opportunity is open to any avid golfer in the US or Canada. 


    How To Apply:


    We take our testing very seriously here at MGS. In exchange for the driver, we're going to ask for a full two-month commitment, including range testing and on-course testing. We'll provide you with a detailed template to help you write your two-part review, and we'll ask that you be available on the Forum to answer questions and share your journey with golfers from all over the world. 


    But most of all, we want your honest opinion. 


    If you're up for it, then in this thread (and this thread only!!), please tell us the following:


    First name/home state or province

    Current driver/shaft combo

    Swing speed/handicap

    Preferred ST 180 loft/shaft (check the Mizzy website here)


    Again, apply ONLY in this thread!  We'll be announcing the testers in this forum next week, so please check back regularly to see if you're one of the chosen few!


    Good luck!!


  3. Sorry should have added what I plan to star the season with;

    Driver-Titleist 913D 10.5* stiff shaft ( go to regular if cold)

    3 wood -  Titleist 915 16.5* regular shaft

    9 Wood - old Callaway GBB - love it

    irons - Titleist AP 1 712s 4 - AW regular steelfibre

    Putter - Scotty Cameron Golo center shafted

  4. Hello from the cold in Canada although not getting as much snow as the East Coast of the USA!

    I am retired and golf about 5 times a week  :rolleyes: and my handicap fluctuates between 9 - 12 over the summer. Lots of good games, lots of poor games.  At 69 I have lost a lot of distance and trying to get that back no doubt adds to more poor games than anything else.  I have played Ping irons for 30 years Eye 2, ISIK, I10, G10 (hated the look), I15, and I25s.  Late last year I went to AP1s with steelfibre shafts that I will start the season with - loved my last game with them.  Drivers are drivers to me and have tried most with not a lot of discrepancy with the top brands TM, Titleist, Callaway.  I currently have a 913D, V1, and a new GBB 13.5* that I will try this summer.  I have to either chip and put well or pitch well to keep the score down so wedges are important to me. Mainly vokeys - usually 54* and 58* but sometimes throw in a 46* and 50* if the weather is hot and lots of run.  The wedges I own on top of the vokeys include Ping 50*, Mizuno MP 5 54* and 58*, I 3 lobs, etc, etc. I hate getting rid of any!  I would love to try the new Ping wedges - maybe I will love them.

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