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  1. Reading the recent comments I'm now feeling a bit guilty about considering replacing my Equalizers with some Mizuno S18 wedges on sale.. (..still may splurge, tho .. I am a part of the Club Ho's thread ).
  2. Played a short 9-holer for the third time in three weeks, but .. unfortunately .. scoring and overall play is going the wrong way ... from +4 to +8 to +10 yesterday (Par 35; ~2400 yds). Was great weather, had great company (wife and her oldest son) and the old aches and pains were at a minimum so literally had no excuses!! After the first hole (only par of the day) just could not put two good golf shots in a row together; had problems with distance control on short approaches and pitches, leaving too many shots short .. but then a few too long. A few mis-hit approaches didn't help, either. And after the first three holes where the tee shots went a little right but were playable, only had one solid tee shot the rest of the round - and then went and topped the following three in a row .. sheesh... The bright spot (and kinda reaching for the silver lining here) was three 1-putts plus a makeable chance at three others (after finally getting the ball onto the green and close enough). So... 1 par 6 bogeys 2 doubles - no penalties; but THREE 2-chips*; no 3-putts On the other hand.. ..considering how I played maybe "+1 over bogey-golf" wasn't all too horrible... Gotta back to my Golftec lessons (still have two paid plus they're offering two free virtual lessons -- fyi available to anyone who goes to their site and signs up). * 2-chips: When you're close to the green and "should" (quote-unquote) chip or pitch the ball onto the green from where you are, but you chunk/fat/thin/blade/whatever the ball and are still off the green.
  3. ..was just gonna say that very same thing!
  4. Taking your own fat tire bike is an interesting idea - don't see why a course would prohibit it (other than to force you to rent their cart), but if they allow it I'd guess it's possible they'd ask you to stay on the cart path? FYI, there is a Golf Bike company, but they ain't cheap either starting at $795; then there's the Golf Board, that you stand on and ride, but they're also $$$.... Good luck with whatever you come up with!
  5. Still in the plastic .. hmmm... Good luck with it - said it before but I'll say it again: lovin mine and get a lotta use out of it!
  6. "Trust ... but verify." (not my quote just one I like and seems apropos here)
  7. Did some more backyard chipping to 3 hula hoop targets - and even got the wife involved! She wouldn't let me catch a pic of her .. even tho after she got warmed up she started hitting a few nicely .. but the important thing is she had her visor perfectly matched to her shirt Oh yeah.. I did ok-ish on a few...
  8. Hah!! I pull off a nice one of those, too, every now and then (although I'm not always laughing at myself at the time, I do realize it's just a part of the game for some of us non-pros)...
  9. Play Happy! (Nancy Lopez's golf motto) Good shooting and CONGRATS!! on that huge breakthrough
  10. Yeah, that's really the key! For me, combining use of the OW with drills from lessons has been helping me start to get more comfortable with the "new swing" and, bit by bit (small glimmer of hope), bring it to the course. Good luck to you as you keep working with it!
  11. "What is everyone’s Most inconsistent golf shot?" Hmmmm... I can only pick one?!?!? (only half-joking)
  12. Thanks for posting that - I wear a GPS watch on the course (but no watch off the course) and now I have a legit excuse for my tee shots...
  13. Big happy virtual HI FIVE ... CONGRATS!!!
  14. Yeah, what ^^those two guys^^ said ... trade-ins do not give any extra credit for upgraded shafts, it's simply the "book value" (PGA Value Guide +/- a few $).
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