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  1. Sounds like a lotta good things are going on there .. it's gonna be a good golfing season! AimPoint is great - well imho, anyway, seems kind of a take it or leave it idea with people who try it. But I got a *lot* out of the clinic I'd attended ... helped me develop a simple, repeatable putting routine and gave me a lot more confidence on the greens .. especially those tricky extra sloped and contoured ones.
  2. Nice! Yeah if it comes together I'll come down from LI .. would like to visit places in the DelMarVa / Chesapeake Bay region!
  3. Congrats, Sir!! And I also noticed that appears to be a multi-function tool
  4. Hey all - KennyB mentioned to me there may possibly could be a meet-up at or near MGS HQ sometime this coming May-June ('22) - if so I'm def gonna try to make it (already have the provisional go-ahead from The Boss) buuut .... fyi I'd prefer to play with a non-competitive / "just out to have fun" (aka beer-drinking ) group!
  5. Yeah I was wondering, too, if it might have been ole CG2 who'd posted that
  6. I had the prior gen 0211s and liked them but then decided I wanted a bit lighter shaft so got a set of the newer 0211s - but before they named them "DC" (DualCor) and came out with the blade version. Big difference - imho - in the newer heads vs the priors, w/r/t feel, distance and consistency. Well worth it if you can .. ha ha .. swing it! And just to reiterate what @GolfSpy Barbajo said earlier: "At $77 per club, the 0211 may be the very best buy in golf."
  7. Also have a SkyTrak (using just basic practice range mode) and have been using alignment sticks to try to ensure that my target line is parallel-left (RH'ed) to the unit ... and have heretofore assumed all off-center hits were me ... now gonna go thru that alignment exercise mentioned (and detailed in the linked article). Thx!
  8. Hmmm that's interesting - basically the opposite of what a club fitter would be trying to do! But good to hear you had a positive experience with the shafts .. you've probably already ordered more! .. and btw 59 isn't "old"
  9. (.. that's me raising my hand! ) Thoughts, tips, etc etc and whatever notwithstanding I really enjoy the discussions in this forum, and really enjoy following along threads like this where someone is describing/chronicling their efforts and journey to "better" (whatever that particularly means to each individual golfer!).
  10. No, not in the 16 tag set .. only "H1". If you're not using a 4i you could re-use that one in a hybrid; otherwise the X tag as you've done. FYI, V1 came with 20 tags. Not sure if you can order more "H" tags from ShotScope..?
  11. Cool, intriguing idea but .. yeah difficult to actually pull off..... One more suggestion anyway to consider to help further complicate things - one more test group, comprised of any fitting type, but each tester has a new driver PLUS IS TAKING LESSONS during the season.
  12. Bought two dozen more MaxFli Tour CG a few days ago with that MGS40OFF code .. nice deal!! And decided I'm over my driver phobia and picked up a Bertha B21 off Callaway Pre-Owned with a Recoil ESX in it (seems to work for me) ... looking forward to launching balls off the tee next season! Plus took advantage of a 50% flash sale at LinkSoul to pick up some quality soft goods at decent prices.
  13. The funny part there is... that guy gets paid mucho $$$ to announce pithy, deep thoughts like that..!
  14. Or: "roll" model? (That's how I roll yo - you feel me??!!)
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