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  1. Had another lesson a few days ago; he had me changing: stance (tilted back a bit), takeaway (tracing further back down the target line), wrist position (feeling of extending out during backswing), transition (feeling of "dropping" the clubhead) and less foot movement, less "active" legs on the downswing. And yes - we're always working on the grip, too. So only one or two small things to work on.... Clearly I've put a lotta trust in my pro ... And I guess I have to be flattered he thinks I have the ability to make all those changes! But he's doing something right as I seem to be slowly improving over time......
  2. Same here! Give us all the deets, guys - good and not so good
  3. Totally agree. Made that commitment to myself for this season .. with props to @GolfSpy Dave and his "Impossible Quest" for additional inspiration .. sticking with the clubs I have and focusing on learning to hit them all better. Are they the "best" clubs / best fit for me? Don't know .. maybe not .. but maybe they are .. but they are good enough and a close enough fit. And I'm making good progress this year!
  4. Play the ball all of America plays....
  5. Thanks for the positive feedback on these! Based on the MGS test, I jumped in on that 2/$50 Dick's deal also .. but went for the Tour (non X) in the Hi Vis (glowing neon) lime green. Hope they work as well for me as they did for you! Oh, also - on the tee I always line up the side stamp along my target line, so I hope to achieve those (guaranteed ha ha ha) longer, straighter drives
  6. Yeah man, yeah!!! The more I learn about golf, the more I understand just how important the mental game aspect is! Follow your process, your routine with each and every shot. Go git 'em!
  7. I know the old guys aren't as popular as the young studs, but I think it was nice to see Steve Stricker win the Champions Tour Regions Classic .. which they call a Major .. and by 6 strokes! I don't know much about individual players, but he seems like a good guy and is certainly often used as an instructional swing model. Especially on short game and putting.
  8. I've said it previously in other threads on this topic, but personally I will never ever never pay to enter a PGA Tour event. Specifically due to aforementioned (persons). That Bobby Jones quote is gold. Agree with Shankster - golf is not soccer, not football nor basketball, oh not soccer, and definitely not NASCAR. But until the PGA Tour and the USGA and the venues where the tourneys are held all decide to change into not-for-profits (yep: when hell freezes over) .. until then.. "It's all about the Benjamins, baby!" Ticket $ale$, food and beverage $ale$, souvenir shop / merchandising $ale$, etc etc etc. All on top of broadcasting $ale$, redistribution rights $ale$, sponsor fee$, etc etc etc. It's a *BIG* money business and quite clearly individual ticket sales are an important cog in that ever-churning corporate wheel.....
  9. Yes .. well said!
  10. A bit different sort of pics, compiled into a short vid... https://nypost.com/video/animals-can-be-pesky-golf-hazards/
  11. Wow... Soooo very nice to see her out and about and SMILING! (..what a happy change from those nasty hospitable woes!) [emoji106]
  12. Congrats!! Nice job ..must feel good! Forget about that jerk - if he's so upset then he should've posted a much better score himself.
  13. Played in a charity outing this past Thursday which our group all started out thinking was "best ball" .. which we'd all started out thinking was "everyone hits their second shot from the best drive, then everyone hits or putts from the best approach" .. but which we then found out was everyone plays their own ball and the best individual score becomes the team score for that hole .. which I later learned IS "best ball"...... (Thanks, KennyB!) Anyway, I had either very good (for me) or very bad (for anyone) holes... Was able to contribute a team par and one or two team bogeys; also had a few other bogeys and doubles but at the same time the other guys did, too. But then on too many holes I made too many mistakes and had i-dunno-how-many 7s..... Short game and putting were disappointingly weak, but on the upside most of the full shots were (surprisingly!) solid - even a few from messy or uneven lies - plus I even started to get the driver going! Very happy with that!
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