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  1. Second that! Nice to see Maltby has another "legit" club
  2. Not sure exactly which old-time pro said... "Swing eeezee when it's breezy"
  3. Ha ha, I said.. RELATIVELY mild (for NY in the middle of January)!!!
  4. Starting to look at the hollow-body Super-Duper GI sets; eg. Cobra T-Rail, Wilson Launch Pad and Tour Edge 220h. The Cleveland Turbo Launchers are also in this category but I did see them in a store and they are, well, massive! Yeah that should _not_ be a consideration when shopping in this category but the clubheads are really, really long heel-to-toe and have a relatively shallow face so the appearance at address is .. different... For whatever reason(s) a demo set was not available. Gonna go back and try to demo the others after Feb 1, after the 220h comes out.
  5. Ever been the *only* golfer at a course? Happened to me a few days ago when I went to my local course to practice. Yeah it was chilly .. 31° .. but clear and no breeze so not too bad (relatively speaking!). Briefly considered taking advantage of that rare opportunity and playing solo, but .. already had my mind set on practice, especially some putting and chipping, plus I was layered up and wearing thick gloves. Plus I wanted to work on some of things I've been going over in a recent series of lessons... Had a good and productive practice sesh, trying to get all the "new" swing elements going, so it all worked out!
  6. Thanks! And thx, too, about your positive experience. There have been several good mentions of Golftec in here so I'm definitely feeling much more comfortable now about putting my trust in my new coach!
  7. Classic Dilbert [emoji1787]
  8. Thx for reading, and really hope you get a good coach you "click with" so your eval goes well for you! Let us know......
  9. No, that's just my own warped sense of humor! Well, that plus my beer snobbishness (prefer craft IPAs) Their swing analysis can definitely be eye-opening .. ie. seeing in big red numbers the "feel vs real" of your swing..! Very worthwhile, imho.
  10. Yeah ours was 11 this past summer and while he still thinks he's a pup and has plenty of frisky left in him and wants to run and play, the hips and the back right leg are starting to fail him....... [emoji20][emoji45][emoji20]
  11. Thanks! Since that initial lesson I have been back for three more ... and I also found these to be super helpful to my swing and my game ... will update soon!
  12. Yeah, the Clubhouse app/website are extremely helpful for post-lesson reviews. The short video clips that my coach has attached to each lesson are very helpful, too, to refer back to from time to time to remind myself not only to do the drills but also to remind myself to make sure I'm doing them correctly!
  13. Thanks for reading! That's a nice gift! ..really hope your experience goes well for you, too!!
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