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  1. cksurfdude

    Bunker Shots

    Nice! That's a big thing I'm missing - good short game practice areas. There's a club not too far from me that offers "Practice Only" seasonal memberships ... gonna go take a look...
  2. cksurfdude

    Bunker Shots

    Yep yet another mental hurdle to overcome (vs swatting *at* the ball)!
  3. cksurfdude

    Bunker Shots

    THANK YOU!!!!!
  4. cksurfdude

    Bunker Shots

    I'm finding through my trial and error experimentation - subject to review with my instructor! - that a "feel" that seems to be effective for me is like snapping the right hand (for a RH'er) through faster and "under" (the left) at impact. I guess this adds a touch of extra clubhead speed at just the right time along with holding the face open. Work in progress........
  5. cksurfdude

    Bunker Shots

    Yeah..... This aspect of the game is still my nemesis and the weakest part. The taller and steeper, and closer, the lip is the worse I get. I know it's all mental but i just don't - yet - have that shot on command... Trying to stimulate bunker practice in the garage by figuring out how to elevate the ball quickly. Still very low percentage of "makes". Gonna have to work on this with my instructor!
  6. cksurfdude

    Bunker Shots

    Oh yeah! If it's really shallow / no lip and really close to the green - try the putter!
  7. I'm moving to Virginia :-)
  8. Said it before in here, but I'm pretty happy with my Bag Boy Quad XL. This is a 4-wheel type with good features and sturdy construction.
  9. Depends..... Do you want to go as light as possible overall, or do you want the organization of a cart bag? I have a relatively lightweight cart bag, at about 4.75 lbs. I'll sacrifice the extra pound or so to get the extra divider top and separator sleeves. Plus I like the clubs arranged a certain way whether I'm walking or (forced to be) riding.
  10. Here's a link to a PDF copy of that article, for those who care to read it but cannot access it ... https://drive.google.com/file/d/1qaKwGWPi5f5bp5j9ePQWZ4oNk0DdpsEZ/view?usp=drivesdk
  11. Didn't read the whole article yet, but it is an interesting topic. I personally prefer to play on courses not surrounded by houses and in a more open, natural setting. But I have wondered about the proliferation / possible over-development of these kinds of golf communities, the economics required to sustain themselves and their longevity...
  12. Hmm. The advantages for recreational players seem to be pretty clear. Perhaps if / when more pros start leaving it in then the rest of us will.
  13. cksurfdude

    Hip Kickers!

    Interesting. Even if I don't have that particular problem, those body movement drills he shows look useful!
  14. Back against the wall, or your butt? My instructor showed me (we were outside so he used a tree vs a wall) to swing back slowly .. focusing on a good golf posture .. trail butt cheek (right side for right-handed player) stays against the wall to the top of the backswing .. start down still moving slowly and focus on getting the lead (left) butt cheek onto the wall and holding out there though the finish. Really helpful for me, and have to remember to work on it from time to time!
  15. Oh, PS: just found and started following this thread. Now there's NO freaking way my game is anything like @jlukes, but..... Curiously.... Many of the problems you/he mentioned and the things your/his instructor has you/him working on are the same problems I struggle with and the same things my instructor has me working on. Hmmm. So maybe if I work hard and long enough on the right things there's hope for me yet!