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  1. Hah that's why a lot of us are on here! Plus... there's a thread for that: https://forum.mygolfspy.com/topic/13231-what-have-you-bought-lately-cha-club-hos-anonymous/
  2. OK.. in honor of #TBT here are actual screenshots - from today, a Thursday - from another online forum... ..and.. Ya just can't make this stuff up!
  3. Hey, it's at Crab Meadow in Northport. Plz note, tho, the view is the best part - there are not a whole lot of hitting bays, the back fence is only about 225 out (but plenty for me) and the range balls are really super crappy .. a few decent practice balls and an occasional gamer someone discarded but mostly ooooold and beat... But lemme know if you go there!
  4. Was thinking of playing 9 this afternoon .. hoping the Summer crush was starting to wane .. but got to the course and it was jam-packed!! And.. no one on the practice green so spent some time there with two balls focusing on distance control; eg. hit one to a target spot and try to put the second right next to it. Things were going ok until two groups rushed in putting and chipping balls all over the place before their tee times, so I decided to go over to the next nearby course to see if there was an open spot on the range (has been regularly filled up). Turns out there was - and a spot at the upwind end, too - so parked, grabbed my bag and walk up .. head over towards the shop window to pay for a bucket only to find ... somewhere along the line I dropped a $100 bill... ... (Yeah I know .. who the heck does that other than Al Czervik??!!??) Looked all around on the ground - maybe I dropped it when I pulled my mask out of my pocket? - while telling myself, "..this is gonna be the most expensive *NON*-range session ever!" Don't see anything anywhere so grab my bag and walk back to the car feeling stoopit .. I either dropped it in the lot and someone's found it by now, or I dropped it back at the first course and it's long gone. Look around and under the car, and ... yep there it is ... WHEW!!! Crumple it up and cram it deep down in my pocket and head back up to the range... .. Where I actually had a pretty decent session working on all the new things from my past few lessons, including - better stance and posture at address, better takeaway, better body movement / lateral weight shift in transition, better path into contact ... you know: just a few simple basics Been working on the irons a lot lately, and I think I'm starting to feel where my new left miss is coming from. And still a lot more work to do but hit some solid shots and am making progress. Here's a shot of that range, looking North towards Long Island Sound (zoom in on the top and you'll see some blue out there)... That black apron in front of the hitting area? That's the roof of the cart garage!
  5. Sounds good, thx! Hope it works out for you I'd actually started with a free evaluation that I happened to see last Fall .. not sure if it's a regular promo they run every year, tho.
  6. Yes - you can buy (just) practice time! They'll .. of course .. try to upsell you into a package but _I think_ there are practice time only plans -- check their website. FYI .. each bay has a push-button panel on the floor that you can activate with the handle end of your club to access video functions and LM output. .... Shameless plug - if you do decide to sign up, consider using my referral link (bottom of 1st post, Pg 1) and we'll both get $100 credit
  7. Have you looked at AimPoint Express? Might be something you could be interested in...
  8. That was one of my comments, too - in Practice mode it would be nice to be able to "tilt" the practice green in +/-1° increments left, right, up, down to work on those .. especially sidehill breakers for me! Maybe they'll look at our suggestions and add some new features into future versions..?
  9. Played an Exec 9 hole over the weekend. It's a short, and mostly pretty tight, course and the very contoured greens more than make up for the lack of length. It's great iron practice with 5 Par 3s from 100 to about 160, and then 4 short Par 4s where I tee'ed off with a hybrid. Was hitting the ball mostly ok .. starting to hit it more solidly more often .. but now am starting to miss some to the left..? And, yes, still had a few of my more typical miss of a push/push-fade. Have another lesson coming up so have to ask about that! Putting was way waaaay off, though - these greens were faster than what I've been playing on recently and my speed / distance control was way off ... ergo lots of 3 putts...
  10. ok only cuz I saw the headline but one more post about pizza... "Connecticut Pizza Again Named No. 1 In Nation" https://patch.com/connecticut/across-ct/hail-king-connecticut-pizza-again-named-no-1-nation
  11. Ha ha was gonna say something very similar.... DON'T over think it, dude! (Like the pizza crust is simply a "vehicle" / conveyance for the toppings .... guys will never _understand_ women...) (..or at least that was my takeaway)
  12. Yeah the deck did look nice but by the time we were done we both just wanted to "get the puck outta there!" Played Mill Pond once - nice course - though for some unknown reason after a really good tee shot one of the guys behind us decided to drive over onto our fairway looking for extra balls .. and picked up mine! Yeah tried yelling really loudly but he just went about his, uhh, business.... Maybe @Chip Strokes and I should meet up there . Have also played Island's End out by Greenport - that's a nice course, with several challenging holes, and people seem to respect your safety and your (ha ha) balls. Have not tried Cherry Creek or The Links (next door) but have heard they're fun and are on my "wanna visit" list. Yeah, all the courses around me were solidly booked up ALL Summer ... there were occasional end of day times or you could reserve / pre-pay up to two weeks ahead to get a time! We ended up driving around to different places - and so our "adventure" at Stonebridge!
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