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  1. Hmmm.... No gadgets, eh? Don't think I could handle that.
  2. ok ok .. better? And, re: The Black course .. hmmm .. just a leeeetle bit above my golfing talent grade!! Unless you really want to spend some time not being found in the tall fescue.... I say we recall @Jmikecpa to NY and that guy can show you around that course in proper fashion!
  3. Oh you little prankster... I've figured out your real game which was a total con job on me .. and yeah, you got me .. got me good ... No, there's no pizza better than NY pizza (yeah yeah Chicago you're ok) so when we're at my fav 'za stop and you started saying how you're a student of Italian culture and history and started asking me questions about the difference between Botticelli and Bernoulli .. now I'm not much of an art historian, so couldn't tell you a whole lot about the first guy, but I did get into our discussion of the physical principles of spin and aerodynamics on the trajectory of airborne objects .. just like what happens to you ole @Yellow Ball ... I should've picked up on your obfuscatory (<- see what I did there) play when you also threw in the question about Vermicelli - you said you thought he was also some sort of important medieval personage - and I mean c'mon who says they love Italian food and doesn't know what vermicelli is .. or how it's different from capellini .. also not an important medieval personage. Sheesh. Didn't see it. Silly me. So looking back on that first tee shot in our game it now occurs to me that the ball .. that devious little yellow ball .. had an unnaturally high amount of sidespin on it... I mean so high that the forward trajectory seemed to stop mid-air while the ball took an impossibly hard, tight right turn! Hmmmmm........ Well.. I give you credit for being a quick learner! And kudos for applying the theoretical lesson in a real world situation!! An "A" grade for you OK well we're still bro's and next time you're around this way we'll set up another fun round!
  4. DUDE! You've unlocked the mystery .. the hidden secret .. the holy grail .. of the game!! ..just casually chat about golf gear and the golf game before every shot!!!
  5. So great quote, re: practice (and I'm paraphrasing), from the immortal Lee Trevino -- "Too many people when they practice, they know exactly what they did wrong. Baloney!! Come back in a few days and you'll see them back doing their old bad swings again." This was in a vid clip on Instagram, he was talking about ball position ... https://www.instagram.com/tv/CUp9H-aJ5RT/?utm_medium=copy_link
  6. I've used foam earplugs with a high NRR rating!
  7. Speaking of practice greens... Went to a nearby muni with what I think is a really good putting green .. but, at least the times I've been there, it's only very lightly used. Today I had the whole thing to myself (and it was totally beautiful Spring-like weather here!). Started out practicing reading break / slope with the help of a digital level that has a % slope readout for AimPoint style reads. Then about another 45 minutes rolling mostly long- and medium range putts uphill and downhill and across all kinds of breaks/slopes. Then off to the range to work with the wedges (off of mats) - first up was 4 wedges at the same approx 75 yd target; then some time with the PW at the 100 yd flag; then took a few swipes with the recently re-shafted 3W (..has potential but more full swing work to be done!); and finished off hitting different kinds of shots with the LW. Good sesh
  8. Unfortunately, not really.... There is one muni nearby with a small chipping green that's more clover and patchy rough vs grass, but it is reasonable for practice; plus there's a small, shallow kinda bunker, too. Another muni has an ok practice bunker, but no chipping area. And another muni has a really good putting green, but also no chipping area.
  9. Doing a driver test .. as a couple .. should be extra interesting!!! Also looking forward to reading all about the (mis- ) adventures of the testing process ;) (gee I do hope the couples stay together after this...) (..kidding kidding joking lol...)
  10. Had a good indoor lesson today working on wedges - especially contact and distance control. Instructor put me in different virtual situations around a few greens on the sim, varying the carry & rollout on each shot. Really helpful session as wedge play had been costing me strokes my last few rounds.
  11. Yeah which brings up a good question: are he and his wife alike or are they opposites .. with the question being is he gonna swap something in and out of her bag every week (or: more ), too..??
  12. One guess is that AR has a much higher population of Yellow Balls
  13. Hmm.. is it really for you, or - did you buy something fun for @The Hat..?
  14. Thank you, Sir!!! And although it's a Samsung background, that's a fav of mine the way the two of them are sorta "in sync" with the same head tilt and paw lifted
  15. Hold down the menu - top left - button until you see the Pause symbol on the screen, then press the "check" button.
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