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  1. Oh yeah... I've been working and working and .... and working on that! One thing that's helped *me* (emphasized - may not help you, nor anyone else) - and referring to the pics earlier of a Flat Ball in front of the actual ball - is to focus on a spot in front of the ball and make that spot your strike point on the board. And back on topic - I'm still loving my Spornia net. Lots of hits and no wear. I have uncovered one teeny defect in mine, though - on the back, and where the netting attaches to the nylon along the bottom, there was a short stretch where the netting was not glu
  2. FYI to anyone considering one of Monte's clinics -- Kenny just let me know the following...... "Monte just posted our clinic** at the end of March on his schedule. Only 6 spots, 3 left so it's Martha, me and one other so far." ** "our clinic" was originally scheduled for April, 2020 in Irvine, CA and limited to SIX people.
  3. Yes.. I recall a time a few seasons ago when I really felt my golfing was going in the waaay wrong direction - didn't want to give up, as I really enjoy the game and its challenges - so decided to sort of simplify things... I'd been way too focused not only on specific techniques but on my equipment, so took a Sunday bag with a few old clubs and dressed in sweats and non-golf shoes and went out and just hit the ball towards the hole (yes: a lotta LOTTA times, too many times, but that's a whole 'nuthah story!) .. and after that I loosened up and got back to enjoying the game vs stressing about
  4. Good points!! Then, of course, there's always the Lori Loughlin [non-] achievement model for those parents whose kids don't have the real juice.... (kidding kidding kidding)
  5. Happy happy happy!!! Mr. "#50 AF"
  6. @EasyPutter -- some good ones in here!! But fyi .. there's an existing, long-running thread in the Spy Chat section called "What's Your Best Joke?" at ... https://forum.mygolfspy.com/topic/14832-whats-your-best-joke/?do=getNewComment
  7. Well that's a pretty nice win! It's an interesting set... Hopefully the clubs perform well for you!
  8. Definitely intrigued by this, but in the spirit of DIY (and cheapskateness and product unavailability) .. I put a "Flat Ball" (could also use a ball marker, poker chip, etc.) about 2 inches in front of the ball - the goal, of course, to make that the low point of your swing ...
  9. Definitely something to this thing It's sooooo helpful for practicing stroke + distance control! Unfortunately I've set mine aside for a few weeks while moving / re-arranging stuff throughout the house .. but setup a new spot in the basement for it so ready to get back to working with it.
  10. Happy happy HAPPY!! @GolfSpy Dave and @TaketheCannoli and any other Feb birthday golfers -- mine was Thurs., Feb 11
  11. Nice I'm considering NJ in June, now - theoretically can drive there from home. We'll see....
  12. NY is the crossroads of the country .. everyone knows that...
  13. FYI for anyone not on Monte's email list -- 2021 clinic schedule announced; see ... https://www.eventbrite.com/o/monte-scheinblum-27908991909
  14. Yep and YEP!! Been taking a series of lessons .. 1/2 hour each and recently 1 week apart .. and the reps plus repeated reinforcements definitely seems to be working for me. In fact, if what we'd worked on in a prior lesson isn't quite sinking in yet, I'll ask the instructor to review. Golf is hard and for me improvement comes slowly and incrementally... I read thru "The Talent Code" (recommended by @Kenny B) and try to be sure I'm enjoying each lesson, so I can imagine the golf swing myelin wraps forming --- All that said.. one plus for the Tathata approach is that
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