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  1. Mine was with an amber ale .. the first one was so good that we had to have a second to verify our findings.....
  2. HA!!!!! Don't know if the following bit is the original, but some of you other old farts may have enjoyed Al Bundy's wit a few years back...
  3. Dude, I "Like"ed your post Ha, but seriously, I *do* enjoy a lot of what I see/read in here. There have been some great tips on technique, strategy, etc. that I've found really helpful!
  4. Thank _you_ Mr Foz! Fun day on the course with you -- just wish I'd played half as good as those Black & Tans tasted
  5. Was going to suggest something similar, but not necessarily further or closer, but to experiment with ball position both in the front/back direction AND in the closer to/further from direction. I need to start taking notes or something 'cuz I'm finding that incremental changes of ball position can have a big positive effect on quality of impact (..the proverbial "all else being equal). And btw, MPR, very cool superimposed pictures and really liking the look of the new swing!
  6. Obviously without seeing what's going on, and without being a teaching pro!, but based on my recent experience - I'd also agree. I had several lessons over the winter.. and still a total work in progress.. but essentially comprising a compete swing overhaul.. and I find if I over-emphasize the ("new") weight shift/movement forward that the ball tends to go left...... YK - maybe think about getting a full coaching session? It's amazing what a good instructor can pick out.
  7. Oh yeah .. good distance control on putts is just one of the many things that separates we mortals from the pros on TV.... Are you leaving the flagstick in? Studies show it can help, especially on long putts - so try to hit the stick! Anyway... Practice practice practice practice. And then some more practice, really working on lagging balls to the fringe and/or to random spots on the practice green. Oh and also the "Ladder" drill. And if that doesn't help, well.....change putters... Oh, PS: yeah I leave plenty short and yeah it's frustrating.
  8. Just got an email from Global Golf announcing they've expanded the program to the whole bag! Now try wedges or putters for a $25 / 14 day trial or $100 for iron sets (did not check on level of customizations available).
  9. As an FYI, Hogan extended their trial program to their wedges. I'd picked up a set of three Equalizers and the first thing I noticed was a firmer feel off the face vs the Callaways I'd been using. (I generally play a soft cover, low compression ball so that didn't change.) I believe you can custom order to your liking for the trial, and just send it back if you don't like it
  10. Well..... After boasting about my new 9-hole PB (on a short course), I naturally followed that up on a regulation 9 with a very messy 49. Which felt like a lot more - I topped a number of tee shots, duffed a bunch of follow on shots and blundered through several 3 putts.... Clearly did not meet my goals of hitting fairways and avoiding 3 putts!! Next 9 hole round, on another new course, started off badly but on the Par 3 #3 I landed it pin high left but just off the green .. and managed a nice up and down for a par .. yea! After that I settled in and started landing on fairways and keeping the ball moving in the proper direction. Several bogies, one double after a tee shot went OB, one par and then a birdie on the last hole - which turned out to be the #1 handicap hole! Go figure..... On the last day of our trip (South Texas, near S Padre Island) we played 18 and this time I started off really well .. +3 on the first 6 holes with .. an almost par (second putt hung on the edge), par, bogey, par, par with a 1 putt, bogey with a 3 putt (after hitting the Par 3 green). Then the wheels came off and I stumbled through a major blow-up hole - water carry on the tee shot and then again on the approach. Not sure what I did but I seemed to completely lose the ability to connect clubhead to ball.... Took a few holes to get the rhythm going again, and finished up ok with a string of bogeys. All in all I'm actually happy with the progress I'm making with my game. Especially the short game - when it's working it's getting pretty good. Yeah still a lotta work to do on full shots but with more lessons lined up and more practice time I really feel like I'm moving closer to playing sub-90s golf.
  11. Well, it was quite accommodating of you to change your swing to make your irons happy.....
  12. Thx! Hard to go wrong with these, and a big attraction for me was getting them with the same Recoils I have in my irons.
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