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  1. I also do that for a quick change! FYI some people are trying and liking the Jumbo Max grips.
  2. Good Morning all! Weird weather here, too, tho not quite as extreme a range as some of you others have - yesterday's cool fog turned into warm sunshine so I did a little bit of early season gardening .. a little TLC for a rose bush that was a memorial for one of our dogs .. weeding around it, resetting its trainer sticks, a little pruning (channeling my inner bonsai ). Mild daytime temps, but ... Rain off and on 6 out the next 7 days off and on ... If anyone is shopping on the other CPO = Callaway Pre-Owned feel free to try this -25% coupon... Hope you have a safe and productive day today!!
  3. Sorry to read that. I have the prior version unit, which came with pretty specific guidelines on camera placement vs its location relative to the mat. Once that was established and, after powering on, the unit checked it could properly sense the mat .. then it was set and you're ready to go. Question for mgustin: Does the newer unit have the same sort of placement guide and power-on test..?
  4. Thx! Was able to find the things I needed to complete the forms .. hopefully it'll be everything they need ... ... @GolfSpy_KFT if an MGS Outing were to go to Sand Valley or Mammoth Dunes, etc. I'd be very sorely tempted to make that trip!!
  5. @Shrek74 really great info!! @azstu324 - maybe for future new people to the topic, copy & paste those details into your initial (#1) post..?
  6. hahaha Darth Tux Read somewhere that Linux is the most used OS for web servers and also underlies iOS .. so guess it's important .. now sit up and pay attention dammmit!
  7. Go figure... 12 Noon, Feb 27th, New York...
  8. Happy Tuesday!! Weather report here is we have a strange kind of inversion layer fog over the area .. looks like it could be the setting for the intro to a horror movie (.. not my favorite genre). And in postal mail news received an interesting letter yesterday from the great State of CA .. my mother was living there and passed away 15+ years ago, but I'm eligible for a settlement from Club Corp for just over $700! .. *IF* I can manage to pull together all the required paperwork... But hey that's like a new LAB putter, or maybe two new nice putters, or hmmm... Well have a great and productive, and hopefully lucrative, day fellow Spies!!
  9. That's good news, but.. Standard Disclaimer: I'm not a golf instructor and I don't play one on TV. Just imo.. be careful about full swings with an injury - it's possible to develop compensations (aka bad habits) as you unconsciously "guard" the injured part....
  10. Yes, similar to question for @pineneedlespro - would you consider grip firmness/lightness to be related to a person's particular stroke type, or (other)..? Also curious as I was taught more recently to use a much firmer putting grip... Thx!
  11. Oh boy I wish I could help ... I get into a greenside bunker and I freeze up .. go blank .. choke... You get the picture! Good Luck to you!!
  12. omg love those pics!! Funny enough, my Lab did the same thing after I had a hip replacement a few years ago and was relegated to the couch most of the day for the first few days...
  13. Most courses rent clubs .. may not be what you like to use, but you could get out and play. And, yes - that's how you score a touchdown
  14. Monday morning again? Already?? haha well a Good Morning to you anyway!! Didn't know we were posting pics of our preferred morning brew - which, of course, makes total sense in a Good Morning topic! - so here's mine... Discovered this one a number of years ago. I've always liked dark roast, full bodied coffee ("hot, black and strong" ) and everyone who's at our house that has had some all say how much they like it! Here's the background story... The place I order from (Coffee Bean Direct online) offers it in whole bean or a choice of several grind levels .. I get espresso Ok well time to get .. haha .. buzzing... Hope your day goes well for you!!
  15. First, kudos on great review .. format, pics, info, writing style! This thing looks pretty well-designed to me .. eg. easy to understand, simple to use, provides immediate feedback and is something that encourages you to keep using it. Kudos to WhyGolf! And it's clearly an effective practice tool as you're already seeing improvement. If i didn't already have something similar I'd prob be already ordering one!
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