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  1. ..and this one totally speaks for itself
  2. Based on looking at the just the dispersion pattern plots, it seems to me like your current gamer is "the fit"!
  3. No! No pressure!! The only pressure, unfortunately, is what we put on ourselves.... ..just look at my performance in MD
  4. Yep .. I initially did. A few years ago I took an AimPoint clinic - guess what the coach (who's taught several tour pros) uses..??
  5. Pretty amazing! Great to read, and fingers crossed for you that it continues to perform as well going forward!!
  6. OK quick serious note, and then it's back to all the fun trash talking... This trip is a great motivator for me, to keep up with lessons and practice and .. fingers crossed knock on wood .. actually start to play some decent enough golf this season! ...and now we return you to our regular programming ...
  7. Yeah those were cool "sport wagons" (presumably you had a Hemi in it). Had a similar situation with an '08 .. I think? .. Chevy Suburban that repeatedly had TCM troubles; had to keep bringing it to the dealer for replacement .. fortunately all under warranty! After the third or fourth time traded it for a '12 which ran much more reliably (and a friend is now driving).
  8. Hmmmmm. I wouldn't know anything about that, but a friend did tell me once ... ..and ... ^ Yes what those smart guys said! Monte Scheinblum advocates taking your 150 yard club and hitting it to a 100 yard target. Also something useful you can do at home .. and not hitting golf balls! .. is the "Slow Motion" drill from the famous "The Little Red Book" ...
  9. I liked that^ post (hahaha going crazy reading every page going back and having lots of laughs!)
  10. Ya know.... Reluctant to divert this thread away from its tester sign-ups purpose, but... It could be the case that... ..when one dude posts ^those^ words on a forum / discussion board / chat room on the Internet that dude ain't talking about wanting golfing equipment ...
  11. Ha Ha .. The Three Stooges! (..just reading each page in this thread going back in time to 2018..!)
  12. A nominee for The Darwin Award: https://www.instagram.com/reel/CnhJ7YSq3l9/ ..and... Part Two: https://www.instagram.com/reel/Cmy5a2XKFqR/ D'OH!!
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