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  1. Another MGI Zip Navigator user here - really happy with it! First season with it but it seems durable, well constructed and having the remote available is a really great option. You can also one-hand it from the handlebar with one thumb to toggle the Go/Stop button or turn the speed up/down.
  2. Consistency .. and Confidence .. off the tee are critical... Looks like your range sesh produced 8 / 10 pretty good drives!!
  3. Yeah that coin drill is Pro Level s***! I happen to have a set of "Flat Balls" which are rubber discs, say 1/4" thick - I put one down maybe 2 or 3" in front of a ball (sitting on a mat, in front of a net) and try to "sweep" the Flat Ball into the net. You can tell when you've made good contact with both. Has really helped me with my irons!
  4. Thank you for this!!!!! This is EXACTLY where I need to re-orient my mind / attitude / thinking / head towards.
  5. Another happy user of an MGI Zip Navigator here. Minimal amount of motor noise, and really only noticeable if walking right next to the cart. Also the group doing the Moto Caddy reviews all seem pretty pleased with them.
  6. All in one day??!!!?? Wow, and I'm sure I'm speaking for a few of the other ummm "seasoned" golfers on here, but.. that much swinging would probably have me laid up for a week .. or two! .. afterwards!!! (..yes I'm jealous) Nice to hear you had fun!
  7. Thank you, Sir!! We're both gonna get to a good golf place! I didn't want to elaborate but hafta admit that as my shooting suffered, so did my attitude.... Gonna work more on that, too
  8. Continued my run of Up & Down rounds .. ie. either good, or not, golf with only a little in-between... Started off ok-ish with an ugly but in the fairway tee shot, pushed the second shot right and into trouble .. took a drop .. chip on, two putt .. double. Next tee shot faded right but playable from the rough, good second to a good position (Par 5), chunked the next and duffed the one after that .. chip on, two putt .. double. Next short Par 3 hit the green but ball bounced and rolled off the back into deep rough .. pitched it out ok but a little too far and ball ran off the
  9. Ha love the pics with the dogs!! I'm not in the market for new wedges but good info on the selection and ordering process.
  10. Looks interesting! My hands, of course, also sweat when it gets really hot and humid .. sounds like this one could be helpful, so curious to hear the on-course impressions and also how it holds up over time. As an FYI... I think it was in here but I read about the Claw Daddy glove which has a ridges on the palm of lines of silicone (kinda like on an oven glove) and a ventilated mesh back. Picked one up to try during my indoor lessons - where I seem to be getting a good workout and start to sweat! - and range sessions, and after maybe close to two dozen uses (or more by now?) there's just
  11. Thanks! Appreciate the encouragement and the feedback! What you outlined ^there^ is probably *exactly* what I'm doing... Been plugging away at this crazy game for a while .. including trying to understand that ever-elusive concept of tempo .. so I've got to work to be more conscious of that and not rush the swing .. hit it better, not harder I have to remind myself ......
  12. That's a shame, but .. you knew it was coming... Nice course and was hoping to get on it again someday and shoot something less than 110..! That pub at the 19th Hole was a classic, too
  13. All those Arccos stats will definitely be useful to help you compare "before" vs "after" with the One Lengths. Hopefully they help you improve your game, but .. have fun either way!!
  14. ^^ NICE!!! and Congrats! on your recent super fun happy record LOW round
  15. Had an interesting range session this afternoon - haven't been hitting balls in practice too much as my back has been acting up, and want to kinda save it for actual play, but I really needed (not "wanted" .. *needed*!) to try to work out my problems with hitting a golf ball sitting up on a tee. After loosening up with a wedge with a series of increasing effort / increasing distance swings, took a 4H and tee'ed up a ball ... Topped. Same as I've been doing way too often on the course. Step back, take a breath, run thru a few rehearsal swings with weight shift, extending th
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