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  1. I started playing about 4 years ago and had a hand me down set of Dunlop or something similarly cheap from the early 90's. I found the game very difficult and frustrating. I started looking around in second hand stores and stumbled upon a ping rapture 7 iron. I picked it up and said "wow" immediately and knew I could whack a ball with this club. I also found a tour edge 3 iron wood and started hitting that off the tee. All my second shots were with that ping 7 iron either closing or opening the face. I bought the set and my handicap went from probably 30 to now about 16 and dropping. I have now purchased bob vokey titlist wedges and love them. I have so much better control with them. The rapture set now feels like huge heavy chunks of iron. I still hit them well but the lack of control is starting to nag at me. I am leaning towards buying the i-200 set 3 to pw. Starting out Gi or Sgi was good for me as I got some nice hits and didn't lose patience but I am now growing as a player and see that better control will mean lower scores for me. It has taken time and practice to improve Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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