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  1. I’m from Vancouver BC. I ordered on Nov 18 2021, 770s 4-AW, with KBS tour stiff. I just got an email saying April is the expected arrival. I’ve called Customer support and they have told me January 18, then pushed back to Feb 18. Apparently it’s the shafts that I am waiting for. Atleast it’s the off season.
  2. Chris C Toronto, Ontario Leupold GX-3, going on 8 years old (still flawless), which I think is still the superior laser range finder. I've owned Nikon and Bushnell and nothing has come close to product build, quality and performance. And I both it used on eBay as well.
  3. Chris - Toronto, Ontario Cobra F7, Stock Fujikura Stiff shaft 102 mph swing speed, Golf Canada Handicap - 8.3 9.5 degrees, stiff, Tensei Blue
  4. Chris - Toronto, Ontario Driver - Cobra F7 3 Wood- Cobra F7 3 & 4 hybrid - Cobra Fly Z 5-PW - Mizuno MP-59 GW, SW & LW - Mizuno S5 Putter- Scotty Cameron Golo & Newport 3 Golf Canada Handicap Factor - 8.2 Lower the handicap and take advantage of my wife's Paternity leave. Looking to get more consistent with the irons and hit more greens. Less 3 putts.
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