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  1. Tommy Quebec Canada 16handicap Currently playing nike slingshot T200
  2. Tommy/Canada Handicap is 16 Nike slingshot My 7iron is around 167-170
  3. Tommy Quebec 19 104.7 Callaway xr15 graffaloy pro launch red stiff 45'' Would like g400 sft stiff 45.75 10°
  4. 1. Tommy Chicoutimi Quebec 2. 20 3. Launcher driver Launcher 15deg fw 3-4 launcher hybrid Cbx 5-pw Cbw 50-54-58 wedge TFI 2135 - 1.0 PUTTER Srixon q-star tour
  5. Thank for the feedback guys the thing is that im a pretty good striker with 4-pw the problem i'm facing is with my tee shot and with my wood that's why im still high handicap and even so looking toward blades. As for the teacher he suggested me to go toward forged or blades. I got fitted for kbs tour s+ shaft ill prob reshaft them later. I'm just looking for which of the two will give me better feel/feedback
  6. Hey guys I kind of need your help I got an awesome deal on both ben hogan apex and callaway x proto and i need yor thought on both set I have read review everywhere i can about both and they all say the same good thing about both There is no way i can try those close to me I'm kinda high handicap for blade but im in that school that think its better to learn the hard way I've started to play with blade 15 year ago but playing gi iron since 10year and i wanna jump back into blade Which one of those think would give me a better feedback/feel? I can deal with a little less distance All i want is a good blade with good feel/feedback that look clean at address The x-proto have fst pro 115shaft and the hogan apex have the apex 4 shaft both in reg flex
  7. Tommy Callaway xr 10.5* reg peoject x standard shaft 80-85mph 220 approx carrie Rotaspoon (instagram) iphone 6s This sound so fun
  8. 1. Tommy Quebec Canada ​2. An old tour select from boxed set 3. No 4. Studio Stock 8 Thanks mgs for the opportunity was currently shopping for a new one!
  9. First Name Tommy Home State/Province/Country Quebec/Canada Current Handicap 20 Current Iron Set nike vr blade right -1/4"
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