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  1. Emanuel Lynchburg Virginia always walk +100 rounds per year. Use a Navigator 2 60% of the time/ carry 40% on very hilly terrain.
  2. Emanuel - Virginia iPhone 11 Pro indoor & on range
  3. Emanuel Guerreiro Lynchburg VA i don’t three putt often, but I do miss far too many opportunities. Always questioning if I’m delivering the face square and if they ball is starting on my intended line. Everyday I practice putting at home on carpet. Had never heard of Exput, but intrigued by what I’ve just seen...
  4. EMANUEL VA Scotty Cameron Laguna 1.5 Whatever can build my confidence on squaring the face and getting the ball past the hole. 35" length.
  5. EMANUEL Virginia Callaway XR pro Strength: scrambling 125 yds in Weakness: inconsistent ball striking PS: current set improved my handicap 4 strokes almost overnight. Curious what the steelheads might do;)
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