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  1. Wooo good luck everyone. 1. Alan from Bethpage NY 2. 10 3. Cobra King LTD. 10.5 stiff Rogue 95 MSI 4. 105 mph / 265-270 5. Henrik Stenson
  2. Hi my name is Al, I am a 12 handicap and love Puma golf as well as Cobra. I currently game the ZL Encore driver 10.5 and Rocketbladez irons. The driver is as powerful as it is beautiful to look at. I only wear Puma shoes--have 7 pairs - and Puma or Loudmouth outfits. I am all about the Puma/Cobra style. Looks as well as performance is what Puma stands for. As for the new Cobra Amp Cell irons---i am dying to get them on the Bethpage Black and see what they can do. My favorite thing to do is stand on the tee box at 1, and look around. The looks i get for my shoes and outfits is priceless...especially after i hit a good opening tee shot. Looks and I can hit the little white ball !!! I think I am a great candidate to give these an honest review !! By the way--- Orange, stiff --- would work out just perfectly for me !! I will make MGS as well as Puma/Cobra proud when i hit the Black with these new weapons of mass destruction !!! Good luck everyone !! Al
  3. awesome bag!! love the green fil.....very nice
  4. i love the 300's---got mine a few weeks ago--wanted to hug the UPS driver. Got mine with the Nippon shafts.....feel like butter. They are incredible
  5. was looking at these--backordered til june the earliest--but you get a free hat with your order
  6. I tried it 3 weeks ago at golf galaxy. got myself the mx300 with a nippon shaft----love the clubs-----the fitting was quick, but very accurate. bets hitting irons i have ever had.
  7. http://cgi.ebay.com/PING-EYE-2-GOLF-BALL-SLEEVE-KARSTEN-MINT-IN-BOX-L-K_W0QQitemZ390176037090QQcmdZViewItemQQptZLH_DefaultDomain_0?hash=item5ad84dd8e2
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