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  1. Jim Pitman, NJ Swing Speed = 105. Course handicap = 3 (index 2.7) 3wood (13.5*), 2 Hybrid (17*), 4 Hybrid (22*) Right handed
  2. For me, it's the Ocean Course at Kiawah. I played it in what they told me was the most common conditions, steady wind coming in off the ocean. The first few holes are a little way off the beach, and I got off to a decent start, but then the holes turn and run along the beach with the ocean to your left for about 9 or 10 holes in a row. The greens there just repel shots that come in from the wrong angle. I typically cut the ball, and with the left to right wind, I had no chance. I was a 5 index at the time. In the entire round, I made exactly one bad swing, I had only one 3-putt and shot 85 from the middle tees. It isn't just that the greens repel the ball, it's that plus the fact that when your ball gets rejected, it always ends up way below the surface of the green in all sorts of interesting places. I do not believe for a second that I could have broken 100 from the tips.
  3. I'm Jim from NJ. I took a long time away from the game - from around 30 until I was 45. My nephew heard from my brother that I used to be a good player and he asked me to teach him. That was a little less than 3 years ago, and we've played every chance we could since then. We ended up joining a club (Running Deer in Pittsgrove, NJ) and it has been a ton of fun watching him improve. I actually met my wife through golf when we were in college - and she was a good player too. She hadn't played in many years either. Since we joined the club, she has played with us almost every weekend and her game is really coming along. She is actually now the ladies club champion. This year I finally replaced my ping ISI nickel irons from the early 90s with a set of Callaway Apex CF16s, and switched over to all Callaway woods as well. I'm presently striking the ball like a +2 player, but putting it like a total beginner.
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