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  1. Brett / Illinois 19 Mizuno JPX-800 Pro 175
  2. 1. Brett, Illinois 2. 18 handicap, 110-116 swing speed 3. Titleist 910D3 w/ Aldila RIP in stiff 4. G410 Plus very cool opportunity!
  3. This is very cool. Was really contemplating getting a set of these! Your first name: Brett Home state/province: Illinois Current driver/shaft/shaft weight: Titleist 910 D3/ Aldila RIP 60/ 63g Current swing speed: 115 mph
  4. Brett Illinois 18 Mizuno JPX 800 Pro with Dynamic Gold Stiff shafts i210 This seems like a great opportunity to test these clubs. Very cool, MGS!
  5. Brett -- Illinois 38 -- 18.8 JPX 800 pro w/ true temper dynamic gold in stiff These just look great!
  6. Brett Illinois, USA HCP 18.6 Manual entry via Golfmetrics app "currently", along with some stat/shot tracking via 18birdies, but own Game Golf and used it extensively until this year
  7. Brett Illinois, USA dynamic gold stiff on Mizuno JPX 800 pro 175 - Your first name - State/Province/Country - Your current iron/shaft/flex makeup - Your 7-iron distance
  8. Brett, Illinois Titleist 910 D3/Aldila RIP stiff 110mph/ 19.6hcp Preferred: 9.5°/stiff I play Mizuno irons and have always been intrigued by their woods. Recently bought a hybrid of theirs and have been pleasantly surprised. Would relish the chance to experience their driver. Thanks!
  9. This is it. For me it's a feels vs reals, and there are some real things you can learn from what your swing looks like. I'm not trying to get into positions, or stay on some imaginary plane, but I am trying to affect some of the ways the clubs and hands move, and it's great seeing if I'm actually getting that done on video. Right now I'm working on getting the club shallow in the downswing and to try to defeat high/flipping hands. It's not about some "ideal" positions, but it does show some improvements I've been able to make.
  10. I record my swing LOTS. One or two range sessions a week, and though I'm not 100% satisfied, I use a GoPro clamped to either my bag or a chair. I can use their app to start and stop recordings from my phone, and download the video to Coaches Eye analysis app. It's not perfect, but it does about 90% of what I want from it. I also have a RX100iv which has a much better quality recording, but the workflow is just awkward. It's important to me to get speedy feedback, and so far I haven't figured out how to get that out of the Sony.
  11. First name: Brett Home State/Province/Country: Illinois, USA ​Do you use performance tracking?: Yes Do you use a GPS watch?: No Which ones?: Game Golf Live
  12. 1. Brett from Illinois 2. HC 22 Swing Speed ~110mph 3. Titleist 910 D3 4. Ping G400 Max
  13. Name: Brett Age: 37 Location: Chicago, IL Bugaboo: Hard to pick just one, but it's a inconsistant face to path control, leading me to struggle keeping balls in play in general and close on long approach shots.
  14. Welcome to the forums Wiegs :)


    We are glad to have you at MGS. Go start your first message!


    There are thousands of golfers waiting to get to know you.


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