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  1. Kansas City, MO I walk as often as possible (>50%), don't on steep hilly courses or courses with long distance from green to tee box. Use a 3-wheeled collapsible push/pull cart. Name sticker wore off. Would love to walk more. That's how the game is to be played, walking. Allows you to think about your next shot, the conditions, you line of sight, all the beauty of the course, game and he outdoors.
  2. MIke Western Missouri/ Eastern Kansas mix and match. Nothface wind jacket, wind/rain shirt, Underarmour storm button shirt, pants are just some windpants sprayed with water repellant. works ok but not great. not great in cold weather worst weather was sleeting driving rain. had a good round and wasnt goint to give in. my mistake. play year round and have played in snow showers was last one off the course, proshop was not overly happy... :)
  3. NAME Michael S. McCoy aka MacGolfer LOCATION: Kansas CIty, MO suburbs AGE: very very close to 60 ... will be 60 at time of course offering. biggest buggaboo: i do not strike my irons with any consistency. I desperately want to strike irons consistently. this is very exciting to have a chance. I this is more powerful than winning a lottery. ( I have never done that, can only imagine)
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