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  1. Davis - Maine Do you putt using a line? - No - I have used the line already on a Vice ball before If so, how do you currently draw the line? - N/A Preferred Golf Ball Model - Srixon Z-Star Align XL Choice (color/size/text, etc) - Black/Large/"CHUCK"
  2. - First Name - Davis - State - Maine - Currently Gaming - Tommy Armour Impact NO.3 Putter - 35" Standard Grip Black Shaft - Frontline Putter Choice - ELEVADO SINGLE BEND PUTTER - 34" Should be the most similar in style and putting to my current TA and should be the best comparison. (Originally wanted to the TA 34" but was not in stock at my local Dicks) I love my TA - bought it right after the 2019 MGS results. Putting distance/speed consistency is my killer. The TA has allowed me to be more consistent with my overall putting game on short and long putts - albeit, I've never been fit for a putter...
  3. Davis - Maine Swing Speed ~95mph Current Ball - Titelist AVX (But considering Bridgestone or Srixon as my next purchase due to the MGS ball test) Preference: Tour - I have owned MaxFli's before - but it was their cheapest model - worked well for me. I'm a 23 Handicap and the biggest issue for me is now my short game - mostly due to inconsistency in my swing. So I never thought that the issues could be ball related until more MGS info has come out. Now I'm only playing 1 ball and when I run out I'm going to buy my next batch.
  4. - Davis - Maine, USA - Handicap - 22 - Current irons - Taylormade AeroBurner '09 - 7Iron Carry - 145 I've been dying to get my hands on some Pings - Tried my father's once and found them to be much straighter than mine.
  5. Name & State - Davis / Maine Current Putter Used - Tommy Armour Impact No.3 Handicap - 23 I bought the Tommy Armour after the 2nd winning on MGS. It significantly improved my number of strokes simply because I was able to become more consistent on my distances with my stroke. I've been dying to test out an EVNROLL for the last 3 years, but I don't live near a single facility that has them in their shop. This would be awesome to put up the 2 winners against each other.
  6. Davis - Albany NY Currently use 18 Birdies app, yardage markers/eye balling and “feel” (Yes this one is mostly a joke - but some days a club up if I haven’t been feeling like I have been hitting far enough). My local muni course also has GPS in the carts which is very handy. But I walk so I normally ask my partners for a distance read. (Only rangefinder I’ve ever used has been the players in my group - I play with much more wealthy players than I am and they have the fancy gadgets)
  7. Davis - NY, USA Handicap - 22 - I have a high handicap and know that a good portion of that is due to my short game and especially putting - this season I’ve actually started tracking how many putts I do on each hole and 3 putts are my biggest weakness - the only Putting trainers I’ve used are my home mat that I use when the winter hits and I’m still trying to work on my game. It’s nothing special. Just a cheap one off amazon. Otherwise I’ve done different putting drills but no specific trainers. I’m dying to test out the Putt Out system to get more practice at home and on the course.
  8. Davis - Albany, NY Swing Speed - 100 mph Current Primary Ball - Titelist AVX - I do not have any previous ball experience with Snell - I've played: MaxFli, Vice, Titelist, Calaway, - but after viewing the MGS results am all for trying out the Snell once I ran out of my current balls.
  9. First Name/State - Davis / NY Current Putter - TaylorMade ghost spider Right hand - I’ve been dying to get ahold of the tommy armor putter since the 2018 test. I’m 25 yrs old, weekend warrior, and extremely budget conscious golfer. Everything I’ve ever owned for golf is a hand-me down from my dad (and is all >10 years old now) so I’ve yet to even buy my own club. I play a mallet style currently and need as much help putting as possible and HATE how my current putter looks. I know that shouldn’t matter but at this point there is nothing keeping me from upgrading. I would love to help show that it doesn’t always have to be flashy and high cost. Us cheaper guys need a good option too. I’m all in on this putter showing up everyone else.
  10. - first name - Davis - State - NY - current model of putter - TaylorMade Ghost Spider - Superstroke XL grip - putting is a Weakness for me - I generally leave the ball short or if I hit it long it ends up 4-5 ft pass the hole - usually 3 putt
  11. 1. Davis - NY 2. Ping G10 / 10.5 / Javelyn X / S 3. HC 23 - 95mph - no LM for data collection 4. Never played Tour Edge - always used hand-me-downs
  12. Davis - Albany, NY - >16 rounds - I play in a weekly club plus go additionally on the weekends @davislchuck - insta & Twitter Hc: 22 - SS: 95mph Current Set: Ping g10, taylormade burner 3 wood, Cleveland 4hybrid, TaylorMade burners (09) p-4, Titleist vokey (56 & 60), taylormade ghost spider putter Desired Cobra Set - f9 driver, f9 3wood, 3 hybrid, 4 hybrid, f9 irons - conventional GW-5, f9 wedges. & cart bag
  13. 1. Davis - NY 2. Handicap: 23 swing speed: 95 3. current driver: Ping G10 (2007) 4. Preference: G410 Plus
  14. Davis - NY 2. Columbia rain jacket (not specific to golf) & FJ rain gloves 3. Worst rain ever - basically monsoon hit mid round in the afternoon league. Upstate NY is very rainy - pretty much every 3 days at minimum. So if you’re going to plan to play golf, prepare to get wet.
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