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  1. 1. Your first name and home state or province Dan, New York 2. Your current set makeup TM M2 2017 44.5 Miyzaki Kusala Black xstiff TM vSteel 3 wood, Aldila NV75 x TM M1 2017 3 Hybrid, Kuro Kage Silver 80x Cally Apex 4i-7i, KBS Tour C-Taper 130x +1/4, 2deg up Cally Apex Pro 8i-P, KBS Tour C-Taper 130x +1/4, 2deg up Cally MD3 52/56/60, S400, standard L/L/L SC Newport 2.4 34" 3. Your current handicap 15 4. Your goals for the 2018 golf season Handicap below 12 Improve driving accuracy Improve long game accuracy Play 2 rounds with no double bogeys
  2. Welcome to the forums peterman22 :)


    We are glad to have you at MGS. Go start your first message!


    There are thousands of golfers waiting to get to know you.


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