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  1. First name: Thuan Home State/Province/Country: Texas ​Do you use performance tracking? I like to see where I can improve and see the data from my game. I want to know the number of fairways hit but more importantly how bad are my misses; I want to hone in on my iron yardages because although I have a good idea of how far my irons go, I'd like more definitive numbers and I believe the shot scope can help with that. I love seeing GIR% because it lets me know how often I am in scoring opportunities and with it knowing how many putts I have per round. All these numbers will help me better quantify where I need to work on my game to help lower my score. Do you use a GPS watch? Currently using Apple watch. Which ones? Using the Grint app on the Apple watch.
  2. 1) Thuan (like swan but with a T) Vu (Like moo but with a V) 2) Grint tells me it's 30. I'm inclined to believe it's actually higher 3) I'm gonna be honest. I don't know much about Cleveland gear but I am open minded and open for anything that'll help get my handicap down!
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