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  1. I ordered them on the 31st. They were delivered on the 9th
  2. So I've have my set since Monday. I've been out for 2 9 hole rpnds with them. And I'm struggling with them. Mostly due to the One Length. I know it will take me some time to get used to them. Sad part is here in SE WI some courses are open but not many ranges are open when I get home from work. I would much rather gone to the range for some testing then the course. But whatevs. I'll get there sometime soon So..... The sound and feel amazing. I love the look of them. When I hot them clean. They fly. Like literally fly. Everything has a high trajectory. My swing is higher shaped naturaly. I've trying to get it down. And I even went with KBS $taper shafts because they are a more mid flight shaft. They still go plenty long. I've no problems with the distance. They are a little shorter (5-10yds)then my old 710 AP1s. But I'm confident that will come back when I learn how to swing these. My biggest disappointment so far is with Cobra Connect/Arccos. It misses shots and putts on every hole. I have to edit the hole every hole. I have yet to have a hole recorded correctly. The interesting thing is after my first round I got an automated email from Arccos saying they noticed I had a lot of edited shots. And wanted to make sure I was doing everything correctly. The phone is in my right front pocket. And I had the microphone pointed up. I address every shot/putt. It still misses. The email from accros said that I might not me rotating my hips enough to get the sensor to register. The sensor works in tandem with the phone. The phones accelerometer registers hips moving and hears the sound of the club ball impact. They said they are working on a new algorithm for less than ideal hip rotation. And a new algorithm to help pick up putts better. I'll keep playing and trying it. I'm sure it will improve. Any questions ask away!
  3. My set I ordered should be delivered Monday. I'll post up after I inbox them but yes. They are more a players distance iron. I'm super excited for them!
  4. I posted this on the other site as well and some1 posted a link to something Dean Snell said.... "typically, when golf balls are hit that many times, espcially with a lot of drivers, you will see some balls crack over time.. they are made to pass random location driver hits of over 100 drivers at higher ball speeds... I have seen many times over the years when a player orients the ball in the same spot, and hits drivers over and over (especially in cages or simulators) the balls will have a tendency to crack earlier than 100 hits..." Makes alot of sense to me I guess I never realized how that could effect the ball. But coming from Dean..... I believe it. Vice did send me a sleeve of tours and a sleeve of pros "for my troubles". Granted I did have to place an order with them to get the 2 free sleeves. But I got free golf balls. I'm ok with that
  5. Over the winter I played an indoor league from Jan till March. Once a week. I bought a sample pack direct from Vice end of December. Over the 3 months I played the PRO,PRO SOFT, PRO+, and the tour. One ball was played per week. And I rotated thru them all. And the the last 2 weeks of the league both PROs cracked on me .I believe it was on driver hits. My swing speed is between 112-117. Ball speed 160-170. I emailed Vice over the issue and the said due to the "high speed spin" design of the ball. When it hits the net it generates too Mich heat and there for cracks the ball. They recommended I play a surlyn ball instead urthethane. Does this seen right? I've never heard of this before.
  6. WOW! What an opportunity! Thank you MGS and Cobra!!! Dane from Waukesha WI Driver: Cobra F6+ 3W": Cobra F6 Hybrid: Cobra f6 Irons: Titelist 710 ap1 4-GW wedge: Idk what it is. Its a old 60 my grandpa gave me. HDCP as of end of last year was 16.7 Goals for the year are to consistently improve. Hdcp goal is to be 12-14 by years end. love tracking data, and arccos will definitely help. Having never been fitted for anything this would be a awesome way to find out how well the connect gear works with properly fitted irons!
  7. I will say. The feeling of the putter is fantastic. Super soft. Thankfully Amazon had a 1 month return policy. I'll definitely keep using it within that time. Cuz I want to like this putter.
  8. Picked this bag up a last late week. Seems like a solid bag. I made a terrible video about it.
  9. I made a small video about it. Hopefully it helps someone looking at this putter.
  10. So the email reply from Cleveland states the putter is designed this way. It's designed that way so that when "in play" the shaft and head align. The putter head is weighted more towards the face where the tail won't be even with the ground. I'm 90% sure I'll be returning this putter. Having the shaft be "twisted" like it is will most definitely be messing with my alignment. Which suck. Cuz I really wanted to like this putter. It's looks like a tie fighter!
  11. I got it off Amazon. $15 cheaper then any store. I'll wait to hear from Cleveland.
  12. I tried before I posted. There isn't any pics of the shaft or whole putter. Only pics of the putter head. I tried youtube also. Which is why I'm not watching a hour long video of lefty teaching me how to putter. Lol
  13. It looks like the shaft is turning backwards from flat. I wish there was a good way to show that in pics. Best one is the whole putter pic. The bottom of the putter is flat on the ground. The shaft is bending backwards from there after the bend above the heel. I might return it. I just wanted to know if this was the way it was supposed to be. Ive also emailed Cleveland about it.
  14. Clevelands website says single bend
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