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  1. Name; Randy City/State; Vancouver, WA. Current driver; Cobra Speedzone Extreme, Ventus red 6, stiff Handicap; 3.5 Driver swing speed; 105 avg. Which driver would you like to review; TS2 11.5
  2. Randy/Vancouver, Wa./USA Odyssey EXO 2-Ball Stroke Lab Floki model please. Love the option to adjust shaft length. Site line, color contrast, and trust Ping as they have always produced quality products Fairways and greens fellas! U.S. Open week!
  3. Randy, Washington State Yes, Bushnell hybrid Bushnell hybrid laser/gps.
  4. - Randy C - Washington - Odyssey Metal X Milled 7; 20gr. weight in the toe, 15gr. weight in the heel. - Weakness
  5. Randy Vancouver, WA. HC - 2.8 Game golf and bushnell hybrid (and luck of the Golf Gods!)
  6. Randy, Vancouver WA. Bushnell Hybrid laser/GPS. The original, not the new $$$ one. Though not my first one but a re-furb. Old one croaked on me about a year ago.
  7. Randy Vancouver, Wa. Use a Zepp a LOT, but it does more golf swing data, not all the data that I want. Recently downloaded the Taylormade app myroundPro. Haven't used it yet. Play 8-12 times per month with a Bushnell hybrid laser rangefinder with GPS.
  8. Randy/Washington 2017 Taylormade M2 12 degree, Matrix Ozik White tie x-stiff (launch challenged..LOL) 105-107mph, 260yds carry 3.5 HC
  9. First name - Randy, Washington, The Evergreen(s) State! U.S. Handicap - 3.5, Driver swingspeed is 105avg. Current driver - 2017 Taylormade M2 with Matrik Ozik White Tie 60gr. x-stiff shaft Ping G400 I would like to review; Ping G400SFT 12 degree Masters week...woooo-hoooo!!
  10. First name; Randy State: Washington Driver; 2017 M2 Driver, Matrix Ozik Red Tie, stiff 3 wood; 2017 M2 HL, Matrix Ozik, Red Tie, Stiff Hybrids; Taylormade RBZ Stage 2, KBS Steel hybrid shafts - #4 and #5 Irons; Taylormade P790 - 5-PW Wedges; Taylormade Milled grind 58, 54, and 50 degree Putter; Odyssey Metal X7 Handicap; 4.0 2018 goals- I turned 50 in November so play more than 90 rounds this year, practice hard, and get my HC back down to 2 or less, and have fun doing it!!
  11. Hello all. I have seen and read articles and forum comments for years from MSG. After playing a practice round a few weeks ago with another member who I just met, I wanted to participate with all of you and MSG. I have been playing for 21 years and will be 50 on 11/29 (spending the BD in Bandon with 5 other buddies) and currently have a 3.7 HC. I am the most active of all my buddies in keeping up with new equipment, rules of the game etc. like most of you; eat, sleep, breath golf! I live in Vancouver Wa. And am one of many “mudders” that play all year. I look forward to reading much more from you all and sharing what I can to help grow and enrich this awesome game we love! Cokeamo
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